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What are the hardest bosses in halo 5?

OP MinecraftMan087

To me the hardest bosses are in this order:
1. grunt Mech
2. Warden eternal
3. Mythic Hunter Elder
4. Promethean Mantis

Forgive me if I got any of the names, wrong, it’s been a while since I’ve played warzone. Is this list accurate?
Promethean Tank boss
Promethean Mantis
Mythic Warden
I don't have any problem with the bosses, i have a problem of where they spawn, i mean some of them just can't be reached in a tank, only the wraith's shot can hit them like the hunter but sometimes they will hide and can only be reached on foot, but of course, no one survives a hunter on foot, or a knight
But I consider the grunt mech worse, I know that you can kill them with a single shot after removing their shields but there are times that it is not so simple.