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What Division are you in this season?

OP Sad Juju

Just wondering what division everyone is in. This month I've improved my overall skill playing the game a lot and climbed from gold 1 to now platinum 1 and hopefully counting. What are you guys in and how are you doing?

That's for Team Arena by the way.
For Team arena Platinum 2.
The rest are unranked.
Only Diamond but I play solo and it's virtually impossible to beat an organised team of Onyxs that communicated :(
Team Slayer I'm a diamond 5, but really should be higher. I just can't be bothered with playing team slayer when I could be playing warzone for dem req points.
Onyx in arena. Rather be bronze probably more fun
Team Slayer gold 5
plat 2 slayer, plat 4 team arena and plat 2 swat. Solo tings.
I used to be diamond in the two team playlists and onyx in ffa.
This season I'm Platnum in both the team ones but I actually feel like I'm playing harder people.
I swear they must have changed the weighting of the divisions so everyone's shifted down a rank?
At FFA I'm still Onyx. In Team Slayer I'm stuck at Diamond 1, while last season I was Onyx too. You just can't solo queue anymore in Team Slayer, because it's impossible to win without communication.
Unranked and plan on staying that way.
griffball gold 3
Unranked but I've been fairly busy this month so I've yet to have a solid gaming secession.
Should be able to get at least Plat/Diamond.
Diamond all the way.

Gold 2. Its frustrating because I was a plat 2.
Im playing the Division
I somehow went from an oynx in FAA to a platinum 5 lol What a joke! Wasn't hard to get to diamond 1 (Haven't played since) but I just feel like I've done this already I must say, I really can't stand these rank resets.... It literally makes me not want to play.