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What do you usually play?

OP NACHO826halo

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  • Social: BTB
  • Ranked: Team Slayer, Doubles
  • Warzone: Any Firefight
I want Extermination in the rotating playlist more. It's an excellent, fun game type. I hope in Halo 6, Extermination replaces Breakout.
HWZFF for the double daily
Arena for daily
After that could go a few ways.
1. Ranked arenas if I haven't placed yet.
2. Gametypes for commendations
(Currently heroic ff for grunt mechs)
3. End up swapping warzone/wz assault depending on req load.
WZFF to warm up on (great for a new player like me) then I try to survive BTB and WZ...
Usually Heroic FF and then I play BTB. If I'm on for longer, I'll venture into another playlist like Super Fiesta or the social rotational playlist.
Legendary Warzone Firefight, then if I'm lucky enough to find a game, Infection or BTB
Btb. Warzone assault. Super fiesta. Ffa. Slayer.

In that order.
Btb. Warzone assault. Super fiesta. Ffa. Slayer.

In that order.
Then repeat? :P
Love playing WZ assault when I can find a game once my shot is warmed up love to roll arena and hcs as I love objective types and finish with standard warzone
Warzone. I jump on Firefight too when I can't find matches. Get annoyed sometimes with teammates on that mode that are stingy and don't use reqs in the 4th and 5th round. I've been using my wraiths a lot more frequently, but I should go back to using tanks since I have so many of them. It's just so boring using tanks and they are so slow. I rarely play arena now a days.
Nowadays I pretty much exclusivity play Slayer and BTB.
Warm up with slayer, few games of warzone, then super fiesta, finish with firefight or assault.
I like to open with a heroic firefight unless mythic is available. I like the easy win and the many cards I get because I sell most of them tbh. Then I play BTB for a bit so I can get the Arena daily cards.
Mostly Warzone (turbo if available) and some BTB. I haven't touched Arena since they took away the season emblems.
To know the Lore is to know Halo
"Dont be spoiled, dont start a fight. Always be careful, here at night. Because the Spartans might come, in suits that weigh half a ton. And they'll steal from you all you gots, just like they did from Colonel Watts."
Warzone, BTB, Castle Wars, BTB Heavies.... oh wait
I pretty much play slayer but i like warzone and free for all too.
Like others on this thread, I usually play WZFF. Then I move onto Arena. Although lately, I've been taking advantage of Turbo to try and knock out some commendations.
I join random custom games usually do a couple octagons then join weird customs
Currently do grifball and/or castle wars ctf til I win 1 game for social. Then HWZFF til I win once. Then finish the night off with a few WZ matches.
I start with WZFF, until I win the daily packs, then over to SWAT, again until I get the daily win pack. Then over to WZ, to help my SC get thoses commendations. Depending on how much time life allows me, I also check the looking for groups, and doing the monthly WAYPOINT COMMUNITY CUSTOMS 3.0 it is a blast.
Superfiesta, action sack, and big team
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