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What is the bane of your existence in Halo 5?

OP SuperZman343

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Limited armor customization with lots of worse versions (skins) of armors. Halo 4 did it much better.

Constructively, I'd like to see a custom skin maker where you get stripes, stars, UNSC logos, etc. and it would be an optional secondary or tertiary color of your choice.
Players who purposely kill the victim you're assassinating.

Spartan Charge.

Enough said. It promotes reckless play and is a get out of jail card for when you decide to run around recklessly and run into someone who jumps you.
Terrible teammates. I'm not talking the K/D of going 10 kills 20 deaths, I'm talking the players going 5-33 in Warzone.
  • From where I'm living, lag and always be lag
  • JIP in general.
  • Toxic teammates who shout at you tell you to kill yourself because you lose a game of Strongholds or those who betray you because of that new shiny power weapon you're wielding.
  • Horribly balanced matches
  • Spartan Charge....
There are a few things I dislike in Halo 5 which really ruin the game for me. Before I talk about the mechanics themselves i'm going to mention the fact that many of the issues in terms of performance are still present within H5. Just today not only did my game crash or freeze but so did the ppl I was playing with. This game has been out for 2 years and this was an issue of release. Another is backing out after a match but I end up getting stuck into another queue for a game I didn't want to play.

Imma just list the remaining in-game features I dislike Spartan Charge, Ground Pound, the Pistol's strength, Homing bullets for bolt shot and suppressor, smart scope on swords giving extra lunge, decreased radar, classic zoom replaced with smart scope, the lack of armor customization, and the inefficient Ui especially when it comes to armor organization.

The thing that bothers me the most is 343's lack of support for this game, first the MCC now H5. What exactly are these ppl working on because it isnt these games, just something to think about.
White lines you can't remove from armor.

And pink secondary color on red team.

They painted CQB helmet wrong.

Spartan charge?
microtransactions and lootboxes made me quit h5. i also don't like that it plays more like CoD than halo to me
What's my bane of existence? The REQ Pack RNG Loot Boxes. So much of what is wrong with the game can be directly tied to them.
  • Loot boxes replaced what should've been an actual progression system
  • They dumbed down armor customization, so it's "easier" to get a full set from the loot boxes
  • There are few quality armor pieces, with tons of trash armor and reskins just to fluff up the loot boxes
  • Armor as a whole is poorly designed, with complicated Primary/Secondary color schemes and same-colored undersuits
  • Loot boxes ruined emblems, once customizable and unique, now they're pre-set and locked away behind RNG loot boxes
  • Weapon skins, in my opinion, don't belong in Halo, and the reason we have so many is just to fluff up the loot boxes
  • We don't need 20-30 variations of loadout weapons, they're unnecessary and loot box filler
  • Weapon and Vehicle Certifications make the game way to one-sided towards veteran players or big spenders
  • We don't need 3-5 variations of each power weapon and vehicle, they're unnecessary and loot box filler
  • Warzone could have been an unbalanced, but even game mode, but since you can spend money for certifications, it's pay-for-power
And if Frank O'Connor's delusional logic is anything to go by, this system is here to stay in Halo 6, and is only going to get worse. Much worse.

Outside of the loot boxes, I hate fighting the Prometheans. Love fighting the Covenant, but fighting Prometheans is annoying and a chore. Also not a fan of the overall art style, but I wouldn't really consider that as a huge problem I have with the game.
MorseyBaby wrote:
  • Seeing a once going good Warzone game go south because little attention was given to an armory, and once it's lost, it is now the team's sole existence to get it back, but what then follows is now the opposing team is capping the middle base with little resistance, and it's downhill from there…
  • Castle Wars: It's horrible to be on a team of decent defenders but terrible attackers.
    • Then there is the sword vs sword mechanics: it is literally stupid that I can be the best swordsman in the game yet a duel can easily end in a trade (even at full shields); I much prefer the Halo 3 mechanics!
Yes to all these!

Also: BTB just being a place for Achilles farming
That brings to mind my disputes with the matchmaking: as of recently, I happened to match a notoriously well-known company (and their pals) 4 times in a row!
Unfortunately the playerbase is only shrinking at this stage so that's gonna happen.
Join in Progress. I'm not playing call of duty, so I shouldn't have to join mid match
Warzone after like a month after launch...

This mode is not fun for a casual player at all.

Been trying to do a game or two every other day for the past 2 weeks but EVERY SINGLE F***ING GAME is the same
- Join in progress (like 80-300 *Losing ofc)
- Spawn in and get rocketed like twice.
- Enemy captures the last base
- Get spawnkilled for 5 minutes
- We somehow get a base back...
- Enemy spawns in 3 Wasps, 2 banshees, 2 tanks, 1 Nornfang, 2 or more fast sword guys, and other crap that we don't have access to cuase we're still on REQ-level 4.

Best. Gamemode. Ever.
If you like that sorta thing.

Tried doing some "social" playlists and every god damn player seems to now all of the vantage points getting kill after kill after kill after kill...

I see now why I stopped playing Halo all these months ago.
Farmers. They kill the game for everybody else. With the option to end the game quickly too by destroying the core, there is no excuse. Want more points? Play the game without ruining it for others. Perhaps there should be a bonus for coring to provide incentive. In Arena it’s more accepted thanks to fewer players overall and the mercy quit rules, but in warzone, farmers irritate me. Fortunately really bad farming is rare, or rather it used to be. Now it seems to be on the rise.
Vehicles having literally such low volume of audio when it comes to engine noise.

Seriously. Vehicles will be right next to you and you cant even hear their existence. So, getting hit by vehicles that audibly you should've really frustrating.
For me it's halo 5 in general
I’ll give you a hint:

Its 2 words that start with B and R

This isn't really a problem anymore, but when Castle Wars was a featured playlist I would despise it when people camped with a prophet's bane. It was only on one map, but since it had infinite ammo you could just camp by your flag or the other team's flag and effectively become impossible to kill.
Pistol wizards seriously how do you get all perfect kills in a game
Those stinking Promethan weapons that track your ever movement.
I hate them!
This isn't really a problem anymore, but when Castle Wars was a featured playlist I would despise it when people camped with a prophet's bane. It was only on one map, but since it had infinite ammo you could just camp by your flag or the other team's flag and effectively become impossible to kill.
I one time used a Shade Turret to mow down a Prophet's bane wielder
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