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What is this second game loaded when i play

OP Marsocke

There is a second game opened when i Play and what i se when i am leaving the played game such games Enterkomando Or Snakebite. I am noit realy in this second game but they are allways loaded. What is this. Sorry i am a Dino last time i played Halo bevor starti playing Halo 5 Guardians was in 2002 when there was no comunity and Internet and all this new Things just splitscreen. So please have mercy with me when i ask the stupedetivest questions I have to get used to it and many Things to understand
You need to be more specific, I have no idea what you mean. you can look the Video right here first it takes always Minimum 5 Minutes to connect and bei leaving the game at the end of the Video you can see this Ninjaskills what qas loaded