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[Locked] What is your #1 complaint about Halo 5?

OP FTA Spear

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It feels too competitive to me. I just can't enjoy it anymore. Not as much as I used to anyway. It just doesn't quite carry that feeling that the past Halo games did, being able to sit down, relax and just enjoy the game. In Halo 5 I constantly feel like I'm fighting with the control system and constantly having to look out for a million and one potential dangers, especially in Warzone to the point where it just takes the fun out of playing the game to me. In Warzone Firefight, I feel like a paper person, with every single enemy great and small being overwhelmingly powerful and ridiculously good with their aim. I'm not expecting to play like a Spartan in the opening cutscene of the campaign, charging through them all and killing them within seconds but when Firefight dropped, I wasn't expecting it to be so challenging.

This is by no means my attempt at saying Halo 5 is trash or that 343 have messed up like so many other people already have, just a summary of how I feel about the game right now. Some of the future updates may make me feel a lot better about the game. I know there are a lot of folks that play the game regularly and thoroughly enjoy it and if you're one of them, I hold nothing against you by any means. It's just not quite the Halo 5 I wanted it to be right now.
Basically everything, the controls are basically call of duty, griffball isn't even fun anymore because of the Spartan charge and lunge range and some other reasons. I'm fine if there's sprint but not clamber, Spartan charge, ground pound, smart link, no Spartan abilities except for a built in thruster pack.
They should just bring back all of the different versions of vehicles and weapons.
Playable Elites. Invasion. The option to have random weapons without having to use their game type. The damage percentages only go down to 10%. The req system is rigged. They need to add Super Fiesta to custom games. They need to add all of the weapons and vehicles to forge. And much more.
And most of all the gameplay just isn't Halo anymore.
It comes down to opinion. Personally I love what they did with halo 5s abilities. If they went back to bare basic I'd hate the game. Might as well just play the old games.

it needs to evolve, if it stays the same it might as well be COD. Yet I hate cod, Halo must be doing something right.
You dou realize that it's more like cod now than it was before (Before is was completely different, and was its own thing.).
I still don't see the relation with cod, I've attempted to play it but every halo out ranks cod easy for me. But halo needs to evolve, if they kept it to the same formula it would ruin itself. But each to their own, for you it may be like cod. But I personally love halo 5, which makes it hurt more when you try to play its campaign or want splitscreen.
Except that CoD releases every year, so the formula gets old. Halo had longer release between games, so people had a chance to want a new game with that playstyle.

Pokemon is a perfect example of this scenario. The core gameplay remains unchanged, aside from spinoffs, but cause it releases on a 3-4 occasionaly 2 year development cycle, noone gets bored of it

you have flawed logic
Flawed logic? Pokemon got boring after gold and silver because it didn't change. And none of what you said indicates flawed logic.

Isame game now.
I mean, if you want to blow it out of proportion go ahead. And if you actually properly read what I said instead of jumping to bizarre conclusions, I didn't say Halo was like Cod, at all, not once.

If you get bored the gameplay, that is your problem, you that has tired of that franchise, you who is experiencing franchise fatigue.

That is not the fault of the franchise, and the franchise shouldn't be changing entirely for a 40, 000 player minority compared to the hundreds of thousands who liked it just fine the way it was (and that is an accurate assessment of what has happened)

Now, I'm going to repeat this for the third time, make sure to read it properly this time:

Halo doesn't release yearly, Cod does. So Cod gameplay gets old fast, as you never get the chance to want a new one like people do with Pokemon and Dark Souls for example. Thats why these games don't get old to the large majority of their Audience.

And if it is getting old for you, I reiterate, that is your problem, and you are in a minority compared to the massive playerbase that surrounded Halo before Reach started this downwards spiral of Bad mechanics and changing what people loved about Halo.

I'm not targeting you, I'm being honest with the situation, you are part of a 40,000 (thats being very generous, that assumes the entire concurrent peak Halo 5 population right now thinks Halo 5 is better, which simply isnt true, many just play Halo as its a recognisable franchise they still support) minority group of Halo fans who think Halo "has to evolve"

Good BTB was evolution, Sandbox addition was evolution, Forge was an evolution, Theatre was an evolution, new game modes were evolutions, they expanded the Halo experience.

Sprint and abilities outright change it, and clearly those changes are not popular with the Hundreds of Thousands of concurrent players Halo once Had. Halo 5's concurrent population is about 10% of Halo 3's concurrent population within the same time after release.

As for Warzone, warzone is enjoyed by mostly the population that liked Halo 4, Infact its player base almost completely aligns with Halo 4s BTB playerbase. warzone as a gamemode is about giving free kills to noobs who use big easy to use poweweapons that are handed right to them from their spawn. Its just Bigger team Dominion, and spits on what Halo most of what was about. But thats Ok, as an alternative game mode. But also completely killing the Small map, true Arena mechanics of the past just for Warzone? A gamemode made up of less than 10% of Halo's past massive Fanbase, less than a quarter of Halo 3s BTB?

That strikes me as pretty dumb frankly, and clearly shows this logic that Halo "had to evolve" is completely flawed, after all, if they hadn't messed with that they would have a larger playerbase to exploit microtransactions from
1. You're assuming a lot. Like I'm experiencing fatigue? No I simply enjoy the game for what it is. You're also generalising me in a group that you seem to think are ruining the game or blinded, I'm not, im just as critical of these games as you are just my opinion I liked he improvements to the game. (Hate some other parts)

2. This post was originally about cod being the same as halo "You dou realize that it's more like cod now than it was before (Before is was completely different, and was its own thing." Hence exactly what I've been talking about the whole time, I do apologise maybe you didn't see that part of the conversation or something along those lines. But that's why I've been aggressive with you with this whole talk. Again sorry.

3. Sprint and armor abilities I'm fine with but I'd rather selected playlists that are Spring free and one that has sprint. I'll leave that one there.

4. Warzone is enjoyable, the way you say it is as if we should only keep to how halo use to me. No new modes, despite an AI cross player game mode being requested ever since halo 3. I don't like microtransactions but I haven't made one purchase, though it does need heavy adjusting.

5. My biggest annoyance at the moment is the fact you say you weren't directing at me yet everything you say about me being a part of group, and you're assuming I'm a minority. I suppose maybe I am, I hated the fact that there is no splitscreen and the story went to crap and the extreme lack of content. So yes, I'm guilty for wishing halo 5 was better than what it is and they are all factual because we know how the game is and how it launched. Though you ok the other hand are pulling out bogus statistics with no source and your spinning it as if your opinion is how it should be. You don't dismiss others opinion simply because you thing yours is superior.
Halo 5 has a massive amount of things to improve going into Halo 6. Splitscreen is just one of them
Couldn't agree more with that. With all they did right with this game was severely overshadowed by all the basics. Lack of BTB at launch, no forge at launch, no fire fight at launch and even then no offline version, the shortest campaign ever. For Halo 6 they need to go all out.
FTA Spear wrote:
This thread is not intended to bash on Halo 5, it's just about the players little complaints about the game. "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, MARINE!"
Didn't know this would get so much attention!

Mine is no splitscreen.
That people think its the best Halo
Sylxeria wrote:
My #1 complaint is that it's not out yet.
Con: AI weapons all have Spartan seeking abilities.

Pro: Great MP (play the TF2 Beta, you will agree)
campaign and never feeling in control of my aiming

only 3 Chief missions was probably my biggest complaint because I'd have been far happier even if the campaign was still not great

I'll likely be done with the franchise if they drop Chief altogether
No veto. Annoy's me to a ridiculous extent.
Also, lag & req system unavailable. So many flaws.
Also again. The lack of Warzone maps. Mad annoying. How difficult is it to add a couple of maps in.
Also again again. The lack of playlists.
for the most part...nothing?
At first, it was the aim controls at launch. I felt like I was always fighting the controls to land my shots, but with the new control customizations, I finally found a sweet spot. My biggest complaint now are the microtransactions, and how it's caused a number of problems. Gone are the days of grinding for that desired piece of armor/cosmetic you want, it all comes down RNG-sus to hopefully grant you the cosmetic you want eventually. Microtransactions, and correct me if I'm wrong, are supposed to help with the development of new maps, supposedly on par with the past paid DLC maps of past Halo's, but so far, many of the new maps are just remixes and reuse a lot of already established assets (Attack on Sanctum, however, is AWESOME, we need more creative and beautiful maps like that). That last point, of course, is subjective, maybe others feel the maps are all fantastic and more power to them. Microtransactions need a good reworking (because we all know they're here to stay, for better or for worse) because the current system in place is terrible.
My complaint is that it is so much like Call of Duty that it makes it stupid they need to be more like halo 2 with all the running and pointless stuff...
Banning System is broken, Smurf accounts run rampant, tryhards ruin all the casual glory of Halo.

Oh and firefight is painful to play.
Spawns, servers, and not enough gametypes and original content...
57 Pages of complaints,
Love everything about halo 5 except for lack of game modes, lack of developer made BTB maps
no split screen
My problem with halo 5 the connectivity issues when it comes to Halo five servers they are the worst in existence.
Halo five servers suck when it comes to connectivity to anyone outside of USA I feel like if no one upgrades the connectivity problems people are having then their company Doesn't deserve to have the game
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