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what is your favored game mode?

OP Cstriker01

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What is you favored game mode/ game type and what is your favored map?
I would like to know what the community's favorite game mode in Halo 5
Tell me what you think!
In Halo 5? Warzone Firefight. I guess my favorite map for that is Attack on Sanctum. It has some fun rounds and the possibility for Gruntpocalypse is always nice.

In any Halo? BTB Heavies. It's basically the fun and chaos of Warzone without the stupid req system. I enjoyed it on pretty much any map, but Cragmire in particular has a lot of memories for me and my friend.
warzone easily. super fiesta is right under that. my favorite warzone map is either noctus or darkstar.
It used to be Campaign until Halo 4 came around and ruined the storyline, so now it's forge mode. Halo 5's forge is amazing!!!
BTB and will always be BTB. With maps, I don't know, there's nothing much for me to give any attention to those maps.
Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta Strongholds on Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta Empire.
I love Warzone at 'The Battle of Noctus.' Just something about that map puts me in a good mood and we typically win.
CTF Truth probably
i really enjoy CTF or assault. i also really like breakout as well
Team Arena or HCS when playing CTF on any map. The standoffs and the overtimes games are the best!
I've always have been a huge Grifball fan. I'm just glad that they added it back into Halo 5. And besides that, Action Sack is a lot more fun now thanks to the new forge mode.
Infection on either riptide or drillsite
Definitely capture the flag with vehicle.
CTF, Oddball, BTB, KotH, Strongholds, Firefight ... I like objective modes. And BTB.
BTB, Super Fiesta, Swat, Slayer, and Firefight
wz in noctus or arc
infection or alpha zombies on riptide and studio 17
btb ctf on viking or echoes i got 2 unfrigs in these map with an 80 bomb lol (bragging)
super fiesta on riptide or miligant
I usually play Super Fiesta, WZ, SWAT, and Slayer. These playlists probably consist of 95% of my H5 playtime.
I've always been a huge fan of objective game types because I can then avoid the objective and go for kills, thus increasing my K/D.

Not sarcasm. Just honesty.
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