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[Locked] What ONE THING do you want for H5 matchmaking?

OP ske7ch

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600th post!

Does anyone remember super slayer? What was that and what if it was in halo 5?
Bring throwback back permanently!
And make more ce maps for halo 5
This is most likely out of the question, but I'd really like if people would be able to join if someone quit Team Arena or any ranked playlist in general. There have been way too many times someone has quit at the start of the game or not connected at all. It just kind of ruins the experience for me.
Shorter seasons. too many smurf accounts.
Force closed parties of 2-3 into game chat during the match so their teammates aren't royally screwed trying to guess what the heck they're doing. Never an excuse for not communicating in match if you have a headset. In fact, I'd argue that's the very point of Team Arena and Slayer.
INinjaGRI wrote:
a real pro playlist with no radar and BR start and more gametypes like oddball, assault and I want to see king of the Hill and objective gametypes on team doubles
playlist like mlg, No more campers
More maps
remake best maps

The pit
Ivory Tower

I want more maps that have skill power weapons. What I mean is less rockets and sticks. Some more BR's Halo 2 BR's The new magnums that came out. I would would really like to see a map that didn't have a lot of power weapons. Also some new assassinations. I know that I have said that before but something that deals with the power of the spartan like kick off. I would like to see an assassination were player 1 ( Person being assassinated) stop the knife mid stab and player 2 ( person assassinating player 1) drop the knife and catches it with the other hand stabs him in the chest and player one looks at player 2 and then player 2 snaps his neck take 4 to 5 secs that would be a cool assassination.
An improved ranking system that doesn't place anyone in a lower division until they grind to get into the one that actually represents their skill level. I recently had a full team for my winter season placement matches for breakout and my friend had a 70% win ratio with a - 1.70 kda while I won 80% of my matches, had a 2.0 kda, and got placed silver 4 while he got Onyx. Until something changes, I'm too discouraged to try again unfortunately :/
Actually Cortana even though Silver 4 is certainly too low for your talent level it also takes the previous season into consideration. So the fact you ended the Fall with a Silver 1 in 13 games for Breakout the highest it would have boosted you to would be around a Gold 1 or 2. The system tries not to go plus or minus more than a full rank. This is to cover people that are potentially tanking on purpose. I mean how tragic would it be for a Diamond 6 player to get a Bronze or Silver the following season. They would make everyone's day a living hell for 3 full ranks. On the opposite side imagine if you were a career Gold player and they plopped you in Diamond 4 because you went 10-0 in the qualifier. Now your life would be a living hell because you would have a .38 K/D season getting rolled by Diamonds and Onyx players. I think the one level plus or minus is a good thing. If you think your too low you should fight your way out of it. 20 games later you could be touching Platinum. To be honest if anyone notices a Platinum or Diamond player with a Silver rank it's like striking oil. Because in theory you should be pushing an extremely high K/D to work your way out. Dominating games can be pretty fun even if it's only for a fairly short amount of time.
I appreciate the well thought out reply! The issue was that my stats were better than my teammate and because i never grinded through the divisions, when he got placed in onyx and I got placed in silver it took away all of my motivation. I would have to win at least 30 games and go positive every time just to be placed in the division level that's right for me because it's just set up so you have to grind out each playlist to even get to that rank to begin with. it really should just take your placement matches into account and forget about the previous season so you just get placed at the level you play at without needing to grind your way from the bottom. am I making sense? I'm not sure that i'm making myself clear because people keep pointing out that it takes your previous season into account and my whole argument is that this creates a need to grind to get to where you should be instead of just using your placement matches to decide. I've stopped trying to grind and I just play casually now because I just can't get a team together and even in ffa it just didn't take my previous season into account. two seasons ago i was diamond 5 and the following season it placed me in like gold 6 so I got discouraged because i couldn't just pick up the grind where i left off, i had to grind another 20 games to get back to where i left off only to continue grinding to get to where I'm trying to get. grinding isn't fun to me.
I want Guardian map from halo 3 remade and put into the SWAT playlist
ske7ch wrote:
Hey everyone! I'm kicking off a Question of the Week to get your input for Halo 5 matchmaking. I know we have hundreds of posts around Waypoint that cover all manner of wants and requests for playlists but I'm really curious what the ONE THING is you want more than anything else. It could be an entire playlist, a mode, map or an adjustment to existing offering. No cheating - I mean THE single one thing you want for Halo 5 matchmaking more than anything else.

So, what's the one thing you want more than anything else for Halo 5 matchmaking?
A map voting system in ranked playlists
Sniper mod
something with the radar, I keep having the feeling of something broken on it
For the love of god map voting. I get its not there because of the idea people would always vote the same maps. But i get the same maps too frequently anyway or same modes in a mixed playlist. It sucks. At least with voting people generally vote for the best map/mode there is repeatedly.
Soooo Um Not Matching me against Mint Blitz 7 times or someone like him in Matchmaking.

1st Mint Blitz encounter

Second Mint Blitz Encounter

Third Mint Blitz encounter

Fourth Mint Blitz Encounter

Fifth Mint Blitz encounter

Sixth Mint Blitz encounter

And I didn't Screenshot the seventh because I was salty about him getting a 49 Kill Game.

Ok This was a Joke but true.I srsly don't match againsts 1 guy 7 times unless it's Mint Blitz.What I mean is not matching people against one person at least 3 times unless the enemy is a full fireteam.He confimed on Twitter he was Solo all the seven times.
Warzone Turbo!
Better connection/players for Warzone FireFight
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