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What's your favorite armor in Halo 5

OP UnselfishCargo3

There's a lot of armor sets in halo five some bad (Tracer helmet) some good and some awesome. Tell the community what's your favorite!
The Helioskrill Bloodgorger is definitely my overall favorite.

I have a few back ups I use for different game types like Copperhead, Aviator, Athlon, and Locus just to name a few.
My favourite set is the Recruit Charred armour. I love the skull and the flames.
I like the Raijin set. I’m probably misspelling it, but it’s the helmet I’m wearing
The Helioskrill is awesome in design and concept. Currently I am in love with the Orbital armor. Only bit I don’t like so much is the arrows on my elbows, but they are kind of cute
Fotus unicorns FTW!
Sadly Mark VI really does look ew in Halo 5 for the lack of detailing to it so my vote has to go to Noble
I like the Anubis Nemphis helmet and any armor that it looks good with.
The Locus armor is bizarre and bulbous looking. Kinda makes you look more alien. I like it.
I've worn Mark VI armour with the Intruder Trespasser helmet for a while now. I like the classic Mjolnir sets a lot more than I do the new ones. I always the Mark VI armour, and kind of swap around between three or four different helmet and Visor combinations.
Cool posts my favorite is the wrath armor with the ventor reflex helmet (probly spelled that wrong).
Same armor that's been my favorite in any Halo game: the Mark V (Mk V/Delta with Mark V body). Can't go wrong with the original (even if CE still has the best look iteration).
Locke's Hunter armour.
Shinobi Heartless, Copperhead, and Venator.
Venator and Nightfall.
I really hope these are available in Infinite.