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What's your most satisfying kill?

OP DR Wizzels107

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The only way you can top this is by getting a Kilimanjaro with one sniper bullet.
This one:
It's a tie between me nailing 3 consecutive snapshots (which would've been four if I didn't try to record it too early):

and that time where I didn't have the firepower but did have the mass:
went of a lift went into a ground pound right when a it locked and went a banshee flew right in below of me and I landed with the grand pound and hijacked it his health was low so I also got the kill
Playing forge on alpine and this guy was really annoying me so I built a little tree hideout found him and headshot him from a pretty big range I only saw the tiniest sliver of his head I have it recorded on xbox check my account for it
360 noscoping a noob
I had no shields and I managed to out BR two enemies that where fighting me at the same times
I wish I had kinect!
Said nobody, ever.

Do you mean so you could record game DVR? You can record clips and take screenshots without Kinect. Press the guide button twice quickly and then tap X for a 30 second clip or Y for a screenshot. The latest update allows you to change the default capture length too.

Learn what your console can do!
Probably just a long range ground pound lol
This is my most satisfying kill. I absolutely despise getting spartan charged. This one is for all the spartan charging noobs. As Chris Smoove says it, "that's a noob move." I'd like to know what some of your most satisfying kills are!
Similar situation
Any sort of ninja I get is super satisfying, especially if I've just killed someone and then ninja the person charging at me from behind
Spoyle wrote:
Betraying some guy who was about to get a perfection on BTB.
it felt nice to get revenge due to the amount of times it has been done to me.

For or those wondering how I did it, I squished him with a warthog.
So you're a total jerk is what you're saying?
Yeah but he did do it to him....
ive had so many that its really hard to pick just one tbh lol i wish i would have recorded all of them
A snipletanious with Nornfang!
First ones not really satisfying but god damn hilarious but the other one I was pretty proud of

Sneaky Ninja Spree
Nice Sniping
Thruster packed to the side dodging a shoulder charge, then getting the assassination after :P
I was pretty hyped when i did this lol
When ever you sneak around for 2 minutes and you assassinate the camper that's been dropping your teammates the whole until that point
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