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What should we get , last update? (When)


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Vehicles from Halo Wars and Halo Wars 2.
All the requested weapons and vehicles from the previous Halo games.
AI in Forge
Vexacron wrote:
Black undersuits...
Non-issue... and they're already black?
All I want is an Arena and Warzone map on Genesis and some cool armor pieces.
All I want is an Arena and Warzone map on Genesis and some cool armor pieces.
Although Colesium is based on Genesis. But the rest I agree with you.
Black undersuits, playable elites (make them exclusive to Warzone and Custom Games), invasion, body armor for the classic Helmets.
Vexacron wrote:
Black undersuits...
Non-issue... and they're already black?

A good portion of the undersuit takes the primary color.
Red armor = half red suit.
Vexacron wrote:
Black undersuits...
Non-issue... and they're already black?
Not an issue (yet very annoying) nor is it black, as stated above majority of the undersuit's color is the same as the armor's color.
Final update? Hmm alright I'll bite. This is what I think the WHOLE Halo community should get:

Update name: "The Grande Finale!"
Update contents:
  • UNSC FALCON!(sorry had to, not to aggravate somebody saying that, but because the amount of posts regarding the falcon being wanted into H5)
  • Brute Weapons! Brute Launcher, Spiker and the Mauler have been added into the game.
  • New Announcer Packs! Now you can have your choice of Cortana, Sgt Johnson, Lord Hood, Arbiter, AND Didact as your announcer for your Halo matches <3
  • With some copyright lends, players can now obtain HAYABUSA ARMOR for your Req collection!
Just some thoughts but hey, worth a shot right. And when you say? ASAP
When halo 5 eventually gets to its last update...
What should it include?(comment)
(Be reolistic)^

::what I "want"::
One of each armor set.
No yellow paint.
No cyan paint.
No white paint!

Clean it all.... don't even need secondary color.
-> Some already have a clean version.

Things that haven't been addressed.
Basically things that wouldn't be in regular updates.
A patch for the MCC that fixes everything in the game.
Creamed wrote:
King of the Hill..
it should've been on disc at release
It's kinda in the game in the form of a forge gametype (I think that's what they call it don't quote me)
Realistic answer

-Maybe a few more classic helmets
-Classic body armors to go with classic helmets already in the game
-More gametypes for btb like assault, koth, 1 flag ctf etc (idk why they haven't added this yet and really hope they do I'm sick of strongholds)
-Halo wars 2 themed weapons, vehicles, and forge pieces like brute shot, spiker, and chopper and those brute concept weapons gamecheat13 showed off a while back
- Classic elite plasma rifle ( I mean how hard could this be, just paint the brute plasma rifle blue and lower the fire rate)
-New Warzone map set on either Genesis (would make sense since most of them are based on campaign locations) or the Ark (would be awesome and could make sense if they go in the direction of a halo wars 2 theme)
-New arena map
-New maps for action sack, infection, and btb
-Add the orange grenade launcher variant (this is obvious)
- Bug fixes
- New Annoucers like the Arbiter, cortana, captain lasky, classic halo 3/reach announcer,

Unrealistic answer

- Adding the Banished as an faction for warzone and firefight (Just image how awesome this would be, it would be so great to fight brutes again and i would be so happy if this is added)
- Dual wielding and playable elites (enough has been said about this a lot of people want these features to return)
- Classic firefight (like others I miss this feature, and I really love warzone firefight and all but it's not the same)
-Warzone Ctf (not impossible to do but it could be hard to balance and what not and I think this would be a cool gametype)
- Classic weapon skins idea (Ok this is something I though of but what if this added a some classic weapon designs in the form of weapon skin, the weapon would work and fire the same way as it does in halo 5 but would look and sound like a weapon from an older halo game)

As for when it should be added I would say somewhere in March and if it is the last one I wouldn't be mad, they've given this game so much support and it would be a good time to stop since halo wars 2 is about to come out
More classic weapons, armors, and classic vehicles. If we got an old school Scorpion tank, I'd be so happy.
I have a feeling the last Halo 5 Update is going to be based off of Brute tech and what now.

I look forward to what 343 has in store for us. :)
Black Undersuits and better armor customization.
Brute Weapons to celebrate Atriox & his Banished in Halo Wars 2.
I'd like to be able to talk to my teammates in Team Arena while searching.
Killer Instinct themed stuff. Fulgore armor, Jago armor (instead of Hayabusa), Flaming helmet and some Cinder armor maybe. A Killer Instinct announcer voice would be sweet.
Permenant warzone turbo and 2 warzone maps. That's all I want.
To fix some of the action sac game modes.
Fix hogs despawn time in race.
Fix golf ball reset to where each person can only reset once per match....

Non white splashed sets.
If helm or body have lights be able to change the color.
Armour effects!!!!
Have odd ball and king of the hill.
A few more colors to choose from.
And last but not least my name in lights on billboards in games.
I know this community is crazy about their 'black undersuits', but I'd prefer to see it as an option for armor sets, not fixed. There are some armor sets that look better with color/black undersuits than what I would imagine as black only.
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