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What Stat/Medal Earned Are You Most Proud Of?

OP Spencer410

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It can be anything from your Slayer win count to an Unfrigginbelievable medal. What accomplishment is your badge of honor?
Unfriggenbelievable (quite a few in 3, 4 and 5.) Always satisfying going on long killstreaks. Especially when the other team actively hunts you down lmao.

Although extermination is always a great one. Really means your laying down the hate.
Im partial to exterminations, myself.

Edit: of the 3 exterminations I've pulled off in Halo 5, I'm most proud of the one I got in roaming king. Mostly because it was Magnum and a grenade and obviously cleared the hill.
My other 2 were both in super fiesta. while one of them came with a killtrocity, they're definitely easier with power weapons. Pretty sure one of them took literally 2 rocket shots to get 5 enemies that happened to be bunched up on plaza.
Getting my 1st Invincible medal around the Infinity’s Armory Update, I honestly felt so proud over that

But for Mcc, getting my First Perfection medal in Halo 2
I always liked when I got the Alley-Oop medal probably because I viewed it as one of more obscure medals. Getting exterminations are also nice.
Getting the perfection medal (win a slayer game without dying and have 15 kills or more) in mythic shotty snipers. I didn’t know what it was until I got it.
My best accomplishment in H5!

most amazing thing I have seen on H5 by a mile. absolutely hilarious. problem is, your team mate was going for his first ever perfection and you ruined it for him... RIP... HA HA
HaXoR73 wrote:
My first Killionaire, Perfection, and Unfrig.
oh to dream.
Killionaire - got to Kilpoc
Perfection - got to 13 when I died (on 2 occassions)
Unfrig - best was 33kill spree
It's either reaching over 100 unfrigs or the first time I managed to hit a champion rank about a year ago.
For me it was Game saver
I'm most proud of my 541 buckle up medals. My goal is 600 by the end of the year
Snipaltaneous are a nice one since they are pretty rare and when they do happen it's almost like the stars align.

I also like getting triple double because then I know I really contributed to the team
That one time I got an extermination and snipletaneous in one game. That was pretty rad.
There are a lot of cool medals, but these 3 always come to mind. Odd betrayals have always been very comedic to me. Since the old days, getting a ninja on someone will never get old, & that pesky sayonara medal that eluded me for the longest time. Enjoy!

Stickie Betrayal
OS Ninja
Mine was getting onyx in snipers, team arena, elimation and slayer. I don't think I'll ever grind or play enough for champion but I'm real happy about these accomplishments
Mine is the Magnum Opus emblem (Arena Mastery) and the 81 Immortal medals I got during the process of earning the emblem. In the beginning I didn't like Breakout because it can get intense if you are last man alive. Turned out to some of the most fun I had in H5.
Getting a high killstreak is or a rare medal is always nice, but mine has to be something special.
I would say that mine can only be achieved when playing against my friends in customs and i pick up a specific weapon they banned me from using. Killing them with that and hearing their complaints makes me feel happy deep inside.
My best accomplishment in H5!
Lol, that guy you shot is an active Waypointer too! Anyways the medals I'm most proud of are the fastball medal and a perfection...... only one
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