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What was your closest/best Warzone Match

OP DopplerEffect93

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Please share a Warzone match that you narrowly won or had a massive comeback in. I personally had 2.

One was when we were behind by 400 points and the enemy only needed 60 to win. My team captured the bases and destroyed the core.

Another time was when both teams were really close in points but my team had the advantage. However when the enemy killed a mythic boss they only needed 40 points to win and we needed 150 points. We managed to capture all bases and my team destroyed the core. The final score was 1000-986. We only won by 14 points.
I once played this game where the enemy was at 990 and my team was at 900. I saw the enemy firing all they had at the Warden that had spawned in and I saw my chance. The score of the enemy at this point was now 992. I reached Warden and quickly sold behind him waiting for his health to drop. When it did the enemy had 996 and I went for it. I began the assassination of Warden with tanks firing trying to kill me but missing. I got the kill and won the game for my team with a score of 1000 to 998.
Can't find it but I remember having over 100 kills and lead score by 6 or 7,000 points.
There was some game mode that I played. I can't recall if it was Warzone or if it was Swat. Swat sounds more like the correct answer to me. Anyways, the game ended in a tie. Here's the kicker. It's not like the timer ran out and the score was tied. It was final kill occurred in the same moment thus ending the game. One of the craziest things I've ever seen. I didn't even think that was a possibility. The moons and stars have to align in such a magnificent way to even allow something so incredible to happen!!
Please share a Warzone match that you narrowly won or had a massive comeback in.
How about I share this instead? It's pretty much the opposite of what you're asking for, but it's probably my closest warzone match ever (if firefight counts)
I was solo playing once on Raid On Apex 7 and I had a really good fight. The enemy team was trying, they had map control but I didn't care, I was laying back and still beating them. It was a hard fought battle for them and in the end, my team won. It was one of those rare games where no bs happened and I didn't swear once lol,
I've had a number of close call wins, not necessarily in Warzone though:

Here's a good one (Warzone Firefight)
Ooooh this one too (Warzone Firefight)
This one's from CTF, broke the tie at the last second (Arena)

I'm sure I had close Warzone games too, but it looks as though I didn't save those clips unfortunately.
Homble wrote:
Here's a good one (Warzone Firefight)
Last second shot, I love it! See all that time you had to spend running to the boss after you spawn is kind of unfair, on top of the ridiculous respawn timer. The only time I ever use speed boosts is when I die in the final round, for that very reason...
I will stop right here.
999-forgot the score
Servers crashed for the whole FT
The end
My closest was 999 to 1010 my team had the 1010 and the reason it was over 1000 was because we killed a 25 point boss.

My best was either This game or one where me and the enemies went back and forth the whole game, we got 2 legendaries and captured all the bases then got their core to the tiniest sliver of Heath. But they managed to push us back and get the 400 points they needed to win. It was amazing, close, and fun.
994 - 1000 and Had all bases
WZA 2 secs left and I destroyed the core
999-1000 because we destroyed the core.

We couldn't have done it without Palmer's inspiring words...
Warzone Firefight match: Round 5, 20 seconds left on the clock, I'm just spawning in after dying. I figure "screw it, we're gonna lose anyway" and Spartan Charge at Mythic Warden Eternal, and start spamming RB. Something blew up in my face, and my screen whited out, with a high pitched ringing noise. I figured I was dead so I just continued spamming RB. Suddenly, the Warden dies and I get a Mythic Takedown.
I had two ties. I don't even remember the games.

I had a 999-1000 game recently, but it was my team that lost. We got all the bosses, but we only had one base for the majority of the game so the enemy team were always not far behind. We capped a second armory near the end of the game, but they ended up getting the last boss and won.
The score was in the 400s and they were at 990 when my friends and I triple capped after using camo to get past the enemy team. When they saw that the core was vulnerable they had to cover the whole map so by the time they got to the base we where already whittling the core down. We ended up winning 1000 to 998.
My best match was when we were losing big throughout the whole game then we came back to tie at the last second, I always try to help my team win but in this game I really really tried
I've won many nail-biters in the past, but I want to change things up; I once got an Untouchable with Railguns only.

We lost 640 - 1000 that match, but I wrecked everything with my Railguns. Banshees were nothing more than annoying flies.
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