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What will we expect in the next update


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The old breakout with the new version of breakout, and anyone who doesn't like warzone you know you just don't have to play it right?
Things Halo 5 needs:
-BTB Heavies
-Dev made BTB maps
-Full armour customisation like Reach or 4

-Emblem system from Halo 3 to MCC:
-All emblems unlocked
-Base, background emblem customisation option
-Colour option for primary base, secondary base and background colour option

When splitscreen is active the game will run at 720p 30fps while single player will stay at a solid 1080p 60fps.

-Offline multiplayer and forge support
Yes I would love to be able to forge offline!
  1. Fix of Theater: damn, it's even the tool of broadcast of competitive Halo!
  2. Polish and bug removal from WZFF
  3. Adjustments/redesign (Torque has improven) of competitive maps (Molten, Overgrowth, Riptide, Empire strongholds)
  4. A team snipers permanent playlist
  5. Fix of frame rate drops in BTB
  6. Fix lighting/colour scheme of some maps (Mercy, for one) which make one of the teams blend with the surroundings
  7. Remove radar for hardcore playlist and introduce a social arena playlist with a 25m radar
  8. Introduction of a party matching system for all playlists
End of my very personal wishlist (the elements aren't in any particular order). My expectations are that none of this is going to happen and that we're going to get some bad new maps, reqs and things nobody feels the need of - which may introduce even more bugs and problems as the wzff update.
i want a new map or mode for warzone who have the Kraken Like kraken assault or something like that
You don't have to play it warzone, and you don't need to but packs with real money
I definitely agree with removing all the extra skins, and the duplicate armor that clogs the reqs. Had those not been a part of the reqs and they kept the weapons, vehicles and power ups separated from the customization it might have worked better.
A way to toggle certs on and off. I would love to toggle off all the hogs..... and most common weapons.
I am really hoping that in the next update we can get emotes, like Destiny
hannibal wasp
A 1-50 ranking system.
I do not know what to expect, but I want nothing new except for bug fixes.
A couple solid Arena maps... and more gametypes/playlists.
more weapon skins, ugly armor skins that really aren't needed but the team decided to work on them to generate more req money, more useless weapon variants and a feature that probably should have been at launch but since rushed production they decided to hold it hostage and release it after a few months. Did I miss anything?
Vidmaster challenges to unlock the Hayabusa Katana.
A community Customs games playlist full of classic and custom maps.
Oddball, Headhunter, Regicide, King of the Hill
the halo 2 scarap gun
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JayTB123 wrote:
I'm expecting some kind of Wasp variant, Oni or Hannibal for sure but most likely both.

At this point I think we have enough load out weapons, I really hope they dont clog up the few station anymore. I'm expecting more weapon skins too.

I'd really like some new forerunner vehicles. The Phaeton is awesome but it so rare, I've opened about 60 gold packs since the last update and haven't gotten a single one. It would be awesome if they put some kind of ground based vehicle in which could hold 4 Spartans.
Return of the Specters.
I made a prefab spectre although the front needs some work
I can't wait to get a hold of the plethora of Sangheili ruins architecture and tapestries that are coming with the next Forge update. It looks amazing so far. I really hope that 343 fixes some of the frame rate issues so that they can bump the budget cap again. Just to 2000!
CDR Fred wrote:
The old breakout with the new version of breakout, and anyone who doesn't like warzone you know you just don't have to play it right?
Not unless you actually want to get REQS. Warzone dishes out huge amouts of REQ points while arena Modes give out unbelievably low amounts. Plus, a legendary WZ boost gives thousands of req points while an arena req boost gives you no higher than 750.
I want the Grenade Launchers that were in the Halo 5 forge game files
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