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[Locked] What would you rate Halo 5 out of 10?

OP BrutalSatsuma61

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Best of the best.
I would have to say it is not the best in the series, by far. The story was meh at best, the multiplayer is new and different, and customs can be bundles of fun.

Although each area has its fair share of good and bad, this is what I would rate it:

Campaign: 6/10
Multiplayer: 8.5/10
Customs: 7/10
Forge: 8/10 (to be fair, I am not a forger)

Overall: 7.4/10

Rating: Good, but room for improvement
LethalQ wrote:
I wish I could say 7 out of 10 but will go with 6 out of 10. There is just so much room for improvement and polish but we won't ever see it. Like being able to sell more than one req at a time in game. A little more customization with firefight like at least being able to pick party size. Being able to pick from different spawn locations in warzone in general. The way to strict ranking in FFA now. Spartan charge (you shouldn't be able to charge while being shot). So much armor but most is just ugly. To many map remixes in arena. I could go on but it's all been said before at this point.
Exactly what I was thinking.
It's a 6 for me. It doesn't do anything special, but it has a pretty good arena multiplayer mode and an amazing Forge mode.

Ultimately, in terms of multiplayer, I think it's better than Halo Reach's and much better than Halo 4's.

The problems with Halo 5 stem from its lack of content and Campaign mode, both of which are the highlights of any negative feedback the community has given to 343. I won't get into the nitty, gritty details.

A 6/10 game to me is enjoyable; Halo 5 is decent, but not good. It definitely pales in comparison to past halo titles, but it's fine as it is. That said the game has major flaws and issues and continues even after the patches in its 1 year life cycle.
10/10 needs more teabagging
5/10, and that's carried heavily by the MP.

The campaign was so, so disappointing. Like, unbelievable.

The MP, while not being of the legendary level of the original trilogy (primarily H2 and CE for me) was still very good. No turning back from H5's buttery smooth 60 fps.

The forge was out of this world. A+.

The lack of split screen and LAN, and overall frustrating UI, has me considering a score as low as 4/10 but forge, customs and MP help carry it to 5.

I'm also giving H5 some leeway considering that I'm evaluating it post updates (i.e. where it's at now). This game was 4/10 at launch no doubt, maybe worse.

As an overall package, easily the worst Halo to date.
7.55/10, but I pretty sure there's still another update coming (Fall Update), so let's see what happens.
In my opinion
Campaign was a let down & felt mainly focused on Multiplayer

But to be fair, Forge is very fun on Halo 5
I'll Give a 4/10 just because of launch.
Graphics 10/10
GamePlay 10/10
Campaign 7/10
Online 7/10
Content 6/10

Most diverse multiplayer in any Halo for me personally. I frequently switch between arena, social, warzone, and warzone assault. Between all the playlists I regularly play I seldom get bored of content. Warzone also gives a very diverse array of vehicles and weapons , which can be used to specialize almost any style of play I'm feeling at the time.
Campaigns story was pretty underwhelming. I did enjoy the combat spaces any time the promethians weren't the sole focus. I also enjoyedI the changes made to the Knights, giving them a slightly unique feeling to fight. But overall the campaign was a huge detractor.

I personally think this is the best since Halo 3.
I totally agree, the campaign wasnt that good but the multiplayer is awesome in my opinion, is by far the Halo game that I´ve played the most (multiplayer) in the entire franchise.

Never played the game, but watched streams. My opinion matters. Can't wait for Halo to follow the same faith as battlefield and COD and go back to it's roots.
Nyic wrote:

Never played the game, but watched streams. My opinion matters. Can't wait for Halo to follow the same faith as battlefield and COD and go back to it's roots.
If you mean by removing Spartan abilities, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Grim recently had a string of tweets hinting that they're not going anywhere, and the amount of time and resources that they'd need to spend re-tuning and balancing the myriad of game elements that they impact (map layouts, pre-defined values, etc.) is not gonna be worth it, especially when the abilities received (for the most part) critical praise.
7.5 out of 10. Campaign wasn't anything particularly memorable, but the ending shows promise, and with the Wars 2 ending, I think 6 will be amazing. Multiplayer is some of the most solid I've played in any Halo game.
4/10 Campaign

8/10 Multiplayer

6/10 Composite score

Been a player since CE, the Spartan abilities and multiplayer mechanics don't bother me too much, but that campaign was a brute shot in my heart
This is an unweighted average. You could weight the multiplayer score to have a larger influence, since I'm guessing you likely spend much more time, and put much more focus on multiplayer.
Maybe if the campaign was more enjoyable he'd put more time into it.
9.5 for Forge
3 for campaign
Like a 7 for multiplayer
Probably 6 out of 10.
If I'm in a good mood then probably 7/10. It's campaign, warzone and custom games are fun. The story is awful though and I really hate playing against other people in this game.
6/10 if I were a critical reviewer (maybe 8/10 for competitve players), 4/10 based on my personal experiences. At times, it can be fun and there are some very great things about this game that I really enjoy (the customization, Custom Games browser, Warzone's concept, continuous updates and Forge) but all around I find the game extremely frustrating to play, both against players and against Covenant/Prometheans. It's actually a long list of things, but mainly, its all the gameplay changes they made, req packs, and the story that killed it for me.
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