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[Locked] Whats the hardest weapon to use?

OP iTz Bullz i

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Plasma Caster, 100 times over. I'll take a plasma pistol over it. I don't think I've ever gotten a single kill with it.
Scatter shot...garbage!
Hydra is probably the most annoying gun for me.
scattershot imo, I just can't aim with that thing
I feel like the hardest for me to use in the rail gun. Not because it is really that hard to use, but because it is the one with the most bugs. I find my shots going through enemy Spartans with those more than any other weapon. It took a while to get used to that and not use it as much at close range.
Suppressor - i just find the bullets fire too slow for my playstyle.
Prolly caster
Depending on how good or bad my aim is, the power weapons (Fuel Rod, Rockets, etc.).
The Spartan Laser, because it takes too long to charge and needs to be very precise. Of course that it's a OHKO for anyone, but being honest, not everyone can use it
Plasma caster for me.
Shotgun and suppressor. And its prolly just me but i cant seem to get the needler down
HellJumpxr wrote:
Solursus wrote:
The magnum.

It's the worst weapon in the game.

1. Has exactly the same time to kill as every other precision weapon. But has worse AA, Bullet mag, magazine size, and zoom.

2. Within its own effective range, it's outclassed by every automatic in the game. The SMG/SR can kill you literally twice over before you can, and the AR steps on its toes nearly every step of the way while bring incredibly more forgiving/easier to use for a similar TtK.

3. Take #'s 1 and 2 into account, the magnum literally has no redeeming qualities. It's outclassed by every precision weapon in mid to long range combat due to their ease of use and longer range, and autos simply -Yoink- on it in TtK and ease of use.


The ridiculous "2 Turn" aiming system 343 implemented makes every precision weapon in the game artificially harder to use, making the magnum even more useless against autos. Players simply cannot aim where they want to aim with this system.

4. Fails to be a utility weapon that 343 claims it to be. A utility weapon's job in a sandbox is to keep the rest of the weaponry in check and allow players to always be in a position to compete off spawn, also known as "True Even Starts". Halo 5 fails this, and is therefore, not properly balance for skill based gameplay.

In short, the magnum is simply a throw away weapon. It's only redeeming qualities are faster swap speed and reload, and maybe a fair fight against another magnum, or AR at the very fringes of your effective range. That's it.
Ive fived a guy using an smg up close with a magnum while one shot, ive fived a guy rushing me with an AR, and my magnum is my go-to weapon, automatics are not as op as everyone says

Edit: didnt realize this was front page lol just wanted to add a counter argument
I've fived people with it too. Anybody can use anecdotal evidence. It doesn't matter.
Trusssson wrote:
I struggle with all weapons. Jk jk

I find the Fuel Rod hard to use and the shotgun unreliable.

BUT worst of all, I cannot use the Plasma Canister for -Yoink-. I'm so useless with that thing, I can be at my peak, pick that weapon up and kill myself.
I can agree with this. Noticed problems with the Fuel Rod and mostly the Shotgun. Seems they arent as powerful as they use to. As for Plasma Canister, that weapon is absolutely pathetic, tbh. Its like from Grenade Launcher (best one), we get the sticky-den in H4 (terrible), then the Plasma-Canister (even worse). I barely use it b/c its too hard to control.
Suppressor. Because it's a piece of -Yoink-, useless gun. I might as well thrown my helmet at my enemies.
I'm doing the grind for that now.
It's a nugget man.
The shotgun because it doesn't work half the time, or the high five rocket launcher because it's tracking can't follow players half the time
definitely the scattershot so hard to use.
For me the shotgun as well.
suppressor. And its prolly just me but i cant seem to get the needler down
I swear to God, they did something to the Gravity Hammer. It just doesn't feel right for some reason.
The default railgun has always been my bane. Sure I can get some kills with it but for me it's a 50/50 chance usually because they can dodge the single shot and end up killing me while I'm reloading it or swapping to another weapon. The thrusting ability in this game made it a little trickier to use than in Halo 4.
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