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Which warzone is best?

OP sgtCross13

There are currently three war game types that are under the "war zone" category: Warzone, Warzone Firefight, and Warzone Assault. I wanted to know what the community thinks about them and which one is the best, either gameplay or XP/reward wise. Let's get this discussion going!
Wondering the same thing
At the risk of getting the finger wag... I'll bite...

First off, it all depends on what you feel like playing and what you have at your disposal. Warzone is red team vs blue team, with reqs and AI enemies thrown in. You start at req lvl 1 and work your way up. I like it as you get to warm up in the game by unlocking stuff instead of getting completely wasted by the other team right off the bat. But the population is really low right now, so it's tough to find a match. XP for regular warzone is roughly the same as firefight... depending on the boost I use, I can get around 9k per match, and they last anywhere from 15-20 minutes or so.

Assault is at a minimum 5 minutes. You either assault and try to take the other team's bases and eventually their core, or your defending your bases/core from the other team. Like regular warzone, you start at lvl 1 reqs and work your way up. Not sure what the XP is like as I haven't played it in a while (not my cup of tea)... it's only around once a month and is a featured playlist, so the xp should be a little better (consult the playlist calendar).

Turbo is chaos at its finest. It's regular warzone... except you start with lvl 9 reqs. It's a blessing... and a curse... I'm horrendous in PVP matches so I hardly waste time pulling reqs. XP is better because like assault, it rotates in once a month (last weekend of the month), and is a featured playlist... so there's that.

Like I said, regular warzone is my personal favorite because it starts out slow and helps me get in the swing of the match (warms me up if you will), and if you put a boost on, the XP isn't bad either. It's also a good place to work on various commendations both personal and for the company. Only thing I don't like about it is with the low population, it's sometimes a struggle to find a match. But again, it's all on personal preference... I'd suggest playing all three and see which one is your favorite. Warzone is around permanently, while assault and turbo rotate in for a weekend and they're gone again for a month... so if you like a change of pace, or something different, maybe those will be up your alley... the choice is yours spartan.
Personally I always liked assualt. But now days it's hard to find a warzone match when I'm on. I would like to see assualt come back though
Mythic Warzone Firefight gives you the most XP and RP in one match than any other Warzone mode for 12-16 minutes per match. The average XP and RP are around 16,000 and 5,000 respectively for one victory if you get 1st place.

What's nice is that even if you lose a match at round 4 - 5 on playing Mythic, you're still able to get more XP and RP than if you won a single match of regular warzone or if you completed all 5 rounds and won on Heroic Warzone Firefight.
in both your team kills you with a ghost or steals your kills and do not forget about how everyone steals your vehicles
I liked Legendary Warzone back when it was a thing. It was the closest I could get to a manageable challenge
War zone firefight is my favorite
Mythic Firefight is the best XP payout.
I’d say warzone firefight including the difficulty modifiers added to it, like mythic and legendary
Idk I like all of them -.-
Tiroteoen zona de guerra mítico es el mejor en mi opinión ya que ofrecen buenos puntos de xp aunque claro dependera mucha la cantidad por los aumentos que uses. Yo he ganado hasta 27,000 xp en una partida
Personally I prefer warzone assault