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Who remembers when you could vote for a playlist

OP Tidales

Who remembers when early when the game came out, you could vote on what playlist you would like to see for the weekend, every weekend? There were rumble rockets, team doubles. I miss that, It really shows the 'laziness' 343 has shown over the year, this was an amazing idea executed well, but not thoroughly. I missed the first few months of Halo 5. Anyone else agree?
It'd be fun, for sure. However, with Action Sack being out, I think they will never get around to doing that again.
I miss those fun playlists. Barvo pls.
I remember it.
What do you make out of this information?
Pepperridge farm remembers.
I remember it.
What do you make out of this information?
Reminiscing of the good ol' days. To me, Halo 5 in the first few months was a lot more fun than how it is now, even with all these added REQs, Maps, playlists etc. Just an opinion though, wanted to see if people remembered as there are always new Halo 5 players and was wondering who did and did not remember.
BeneficBen wrote:
Pepperridge farm remembers.
Came here for this. Was not disappointed.
I member. I also member that it was crap since the same ones got picked all the time
With Doubles and Action Sack being permanent playlists now, I don't much see the point........ But, I'd like to see it return regardless. Even though - as pointed out by others - the same playlists would generally get picked every time. It's the thought that counts though!
Trying to forget.
It wasn't that great because the variety of gametypes was low and the same ones were voted for whenever they were available.
I remember people leaving cause they didn't get what they wanted.

I don't miss it.
Who remembers voting for Maps? Or having a good UI?