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Who wants community weapon skins?


I think, a community weapon skins allowed for special people or as a gift, i think that is a grat idea...
I just want halo 6 already. Halo 5 had its run.
Um...don't the Unicorn Fire / Ice skins already fit the bill?
What's a community weapon skin? Aren't they all?
There's already way too much skin in Halo 5... Enough is enough
I'll just be happy to get one of the country weapon skins during their availability...
IMO It's unnecessary with the game's low player count. As someone said above, Halo 5 had its run. Any updates adding gear, maps, skins etc. would be a waste of time and I'd prefer if 343 focused on Halo 6.
Nah anyways ive heard they reached the max amount of skins and armor(?) int he game to add more so waste of time and unicorn fir and ice ones are pretty much like said above
This sounds like a great idea!