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Who wants to see a classic firefight.

OP Skylord 636

If you have played other Halos than you are probably aware of the old firefight. I propose that we have a classic firefight game mode along with the halo 5 firefight. But what do you think.
Most likely not in Halo 5, but would love to see it in 6, power weapons spawning Reach style
This has been talked about plenty, trust me. I think most people would love to see an ODST style FF in halo again, as it was/still is the most popular one. It won't happen in Halo 5 for numerous reasons, but I hope there is an ODST style FF in Halo 6 though.
Would love it but we would have to wait for H6. Although instead of REQ stations there should be a loadout menu between each round.
I'm not really a firefight player, but I do enjoy the original iteration more than wzff. It seemed so much more intense
I played the living -Yoink- out of Reach's FF but I do think the WZ FF has a good concept. I would like to see a mixture of both ideas which IMO would be epic.
Firefight limited please.

Not the unlimited lives and power weapon ammo arcadefight.

Fun to blast everything into Oblivion but not a challenge, just a time-killer.
Mmmm... Classic firefight. I would love that for Halo 6. I enjoyed the Firefight in Halo: ODST, and I really like the firefight in Halo: Reach for all the options we were given to tweak the scenarios.
If those were in Halo 6, that would be great.