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Why are people upset about free DLC?

OP Jonah48532

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Jonah48532 wrote:
I think people just need to quit feeling entitled to everything and work with what you have.
I totally agree with you.
So if you ordered at 12 oz steak and bottomless fries for 10.99 and got a 8 oz steak with steamed potatoes and charged you the same and they said I'm sorry we didn't have enough time to cut you a larger piece.... You wouldn't be upset?
Or if you buy crack from your dealer and you get home, smoke it and find out its drywall.... You wouldn't be upset?
I highly doubt people are upset that its "free", I'd say they're complaining about the quality.

Free or not, the dlc should be top notch.

This IS NOT DLC PEOPLE. They are UPDATES. I feel bad for the people that paid $100 for the legendary....

If you cherish your $60-$100 you SHOULD expect more from a game especially if other games are coming out that have more content to delve into...

Black ops 3 the witcher the division and many other games all have paid dlc that loads you up in content. Even gta v that was rereleased on the next generation consoles get free dlc...

free dlc is cool if we were really getting DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT. But we aren't.... They are just updating your game you bought... Not giving you free dlc.
This!! They seem to be updating the game to what it should have been. Launch was definitely bungled due to many reasons with Microsoft seeming to br at the tip of said problems. Personally I'm looking forward to more DLC/updates so I can finally enjoy Halo 5 in a complete experience rather than teasers and taste tests of game types *cough* doubles *cough* team snipers *cough*
Jonah48532 wrote:
Why are people upset about free DLC would you rather have to spend money on buying new content?
Because we prefer to pay for something than to get practically nothing for free.

yeah, dlc content is there but is worthless to me. hey 343, give me quality paid dlc and trash this boring free stuff. Whats the matter, you don't want my $$$? are you to lazy to create some good maps?

and to the op, I will give you a free bucket full of rocks. I suppose you would be very happy to have it, since you expect us to be happy with sadly dlc they keep giving us
Or if you buy crack from your dealer and you get home, smoke it and find out its drywall.... You wouldn't be upset?
According to the op's perspective, we supposed to be happy since it's free. Hey, you can patch the wall with that drywall...
"Should have been in the game at launch"
And yes some if not most the modes/options should have been at launch, reqs didn't have to be but the modes and playlists, most of them. And it really did hurt their launch of Halo 5
I dont think that they were upset since the Halo's 5 launch date I think it's fault of iSpiteful
I dont get how the community wants something and 343 gives it to us and yet they complain. I don't get it
gethtones wrote:
gethtones wrote:
-First halo game to have free DLC
-First halo game to have micro transactions
-Less content at launch than any other Halo game with the missing content being introduced in "free DLC"

From those 3 points it's pretty easy to piece together what's really going on and from there, it should be quite easy to see why people are upset.
Cherry picked points more correlative than causative. I'd guess the less "content" (myopically defined as the absence of certain fringe gametypes) has more to do with launching a stronger core of gametypes that function more mechanically sound at launch (a choice governed by MCC's poor launch and the emphasis the HCS and esports has been given) than microtransactions.

Pretty safe to assume we have microtransactions because of the free DLC, not the other way around. And the free DLC option was chosen because of the weaknesses of paid DLC, mostly centered on the population splits it caused.

Maybe you should blame poor critical thinking skills instead?
^the denial is real

I stated facts, you stated opinions and speculations.

"Fringe gametypes", really?
He completely ignores how huge the griffball community is and how the customs community literally revolves around infection and race. It's amazing how little fanboys know about our communities.
LethalQ wrote:
Personally, I'm underwhelmed by what the DLC has offered. Despite all the money REQ Packs have generated, it seems 343 still has to recycle a lot of content for these free updates. There is original stuff, but not as much as I'd like to see. Free just isn't a substitute for quality.
I can agree..... to me all we have received is darkstar, torque, and tyrant.... those are the good developer made maps... everything else has been cosmetics that don't matter, old content brought back, remixes, or forge stuff
The remixes aren't bad if you look at the fact that they're just using there current sandbox and molding new forms with it. Don't be so progressive, accept and learn what they have. Just take it as a puzzle for right now and just expect to see new but familiar places within halo 5. They build off older builds and into new but similar, sometimes new ones. It can be seen as lazy, I can understand that. In a way, it may be. However, I see what they're doing when they want to build off material that's already present.
Something about a gift horse and its mouth.
So if you ordered at 12 oz steak and bottomless fries for 10.99 and got a 8 oz steak with steamed potatoes and charged you the same and they said I'm sorry we didn't have enough time to cut you a larger piece.... You wouldn't be upset?
if they would continue to bring me more steaks I would be okay.
Anyone else realize the dlc maps are maps we already have? Just altered a bit. :/
I personally like it but I also understand why others don't and I think that in future 343 needs to take more time to make quality maps whilst still being free and take more time between updates to get everything great
For those who say Halo 5 came with less contain, here is a history of the games and what they launched with.
Halo 5 came with Slayer, Warzone, Warzone Assualt, Breakout, Free-for-all (FFA), Swat, Swatnums, Strongholds, Capture the Flag (CTF) that is 8 game types. With 16 arena maps and 3 Warzone Maps, and 3 Warzone Assualt Maps. 22 Maps total.
Halo 4 had Infinity Slayer, Big Team Slayer, Regicide, Oddball, CTF, Flood, Dominion, Extraction, King of the Hill, Team Slayer pro, Swat, Team Snipers, Grifball, FFA Throwback, Team Regicide. That is 15 Game types. With 13 maps.
Halo 3 came with Lone Wolves(FFA), Team Slayer, Crazy king, Oddball, Team Shotty Snipers, One Flag CTF, Territories, VIP, Assualt, CFT, King of Hill, Flag Rally, Elimination. That is 13 Game types. With 11 Maps.
Halo 2 had Rumble Pit, FFA, CTF, Juggernaut, Assault, Territories, Doubles, Team Swat, Big Team Battle, Team Snipers, that is 10 game types. With 12 Maps.
Halo CE had Slayer, Oddball, CTF, King of the Hill that is 3 game types. With 8 Maps.
Halo Reach had Slayer, CTF, King of Hill, Swat, Headhunter, Stockpile, Generator defense, Invasion, FireFight, that is game types. 8 Firefight maps 14 Multiplayer Maps, total of 22 maps.
Yes Halo 5 has second to lowest game types tied with Halo Reach.. But is has twice as many maps than most of the other games. And each game minus Halo CE had game types added to it later along with more maps. Halo 3 and Halo Reach had the most additions done. I not saying 343 couldn't have done more. They could have, but they stated several times, that those modes weren't ready. They were thinking about delaying the launch date for Halo 5, but when they did they got major backlash from the Halo Community. So we as a community are the ones to blame. We had given them gruff when they had to push it back to Oct.
It's because most of the free DLC is just them finishing the game
Ramir3z77 wrote:
I really don't like gamers now days, they are so picky.
Is this a joke? The average modern gamer will accept whatever is thrown at them, usually only what everyone else is playing, then justify it with arguments like "Well I might be paying $100 in DLC, but at least I'm not paying $150 in DLC like other games charge me".

Gamers aren't picky at all. Half of them aren't even smart shoppers (see the whole "BUT CONSOLES ARE CHEAPER" meme). Corporations love to take advantage of this.
(Bold) this, so much this!!!!! agree 1000% I literally laughed out loud when I read this because it's SO true!!!

It's like kids who pre-order games and pay the FULL amount!!! why??? why are you doing this when you don't have too, you don't even have your game yet!?!?!?!?! Unreal!!! and if your that bad at managing money, maybe just put it in a piggy bank or here's a though, have some will power! Just blows my mind peoples way of thinking.

TryHardFan wrote:
AceJD87 wrote:
So from reading many of the forums, people are upset because they believed that some of content should have been in on launch date. Not added later. Here is what I have to say to that. SO WHAT!, the majority of the people wanted the game out ASAP. Even more so after the Beta came out. Games take time to develop. We should be happy that the game came out as it did, many rushed products usually have tons of glitches and bug that weren't meant to be there. I really don't like gamers now days, they are so picky. Back in the day when a game came out we focused on what was good about it, not what was bad. This is why the Halo Community cannot be what it once was. You who complain about the free DLC, should stop. 343 are giving these DLCs for free. Or would you rather have to pay for them? That it doesn't matter cause the stuff in the DLC should have been in there in the first place. I remind you to look at the start of my post. But to put it simply just stop, stop complaining.
When was this in the Halo community? You tell people to stop complaining and people need to just enjoy what they have. That doesn't help improve a game. But then again anything that isn't strictly positive is labelled as complaining, so I suppose improving the game isn't that important.
Technically it is, but its negative connotation is what I disagree with.
So what if something is negative? Being positive isn't necessarily helpful either.
also agree 10000% people don't seem to get this. Just because a person is saying something that isn't positive, doesn't mean that person hates the game or whatever. If it wasn't for negative feedback, halo 5 would still have load outs, perks, kill cams, kill steaks etc, It was feedback aka people saying they don't like these things that lead to changes in halo 5. FYI people!!
I don't think no one is complaining about the free DLC. Its just the game was so bare bones when it came out. Its like.. "where's the beef"! :)
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