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Why did 343 not design any custom maps.multiplayer

OP TDOGtaylor

They flooded Halo 5 with horrible forge maps for multiplayer and destroyed big team Battle.
Corporate greed. People still defend Halo 5: Guardians' inclusion of loot boxes with, "but they provided free DLC!" even though that DLC was things like loot box skins, user-created maps, and missing gametypes being added back in. Halo 5: Guardians' heavy focus on user-created maps saves development resources that can be invested in more loot box items (and, in turn, more things for people with addictive tendencies to be preyed upon with.)
There are quite a few developer made maps in arena in H5. I am not sure of the exact count but it is quite a few. I think H5s problem is way to many remixes and not much map diversity in arena. Take warzone, not a lot of maps but since they all play so different it's not as bad.
That’s bc too much came from forge and too little cane from devs in my opinion.
There were several dev maps for 4v4 and they made new ones while they were still pumping out content updates. Once that finished though, they left it for the forgers since 343 likely all moved to Infinite. BTB did get screwed over though from the beginning and imo I think it was because they thought Warzone would be the new BTB.