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Why did 343 throw this UI out?

OP TryHardFan

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coll9502 wrote:
the one we have right now looks like the concept art
are you telling us that the one in the video looks like the crap we have now? tell me......are you mentally handicapped or just some 12 year old that likes to start crap?
no no you have it all wrong the one in the video look awesome, the one we have now looks bad
You guys are funny, that concept UI looks cartoony as hell. The one we have now is simple, easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. A bit plain perhaps, but all of the atmosphere comes from the excellent menu soundtrack.
TryHardFan wrote:
We should all try to make a complaint about this UI, and hopefully 343 can go back to its original concepts of the UI and change the current one. I really hope that's what they're doing for the December update.
if they don't then we'll start a community poll for it.i don't think petitions are allowed so a polls the next best thing
WOW! That UI is waaaaaaay better than the current one. 343 please update to that UI!
I really like a lot of this. The neon on dark, the customisation views, etc. It really does work and fits with the Breakout look.
they made the current UI out of forge.
I hope that if we get enough supporters, 343 will patch this UI into the game cuz that definitely looks better than our current UI.
The UI shown from the video is really good and would have probably have been better than the one we have one now. The inability to view medals is terribly annoying. Maybe they will add this in the Forge update.
Looks about ten million times better than what they settled with.
Someone must have thought medals don't mean -Yoink- to us. They were wrong. The UI in the video should've been a keeper. Common sense was not used here
I agree. These images look far better than the current UI.
What were they thinking!??
The real estate set aside for some of the visuals hampers the practicality of some of these UI designs. For instance, in the picture showcasing the 'helmet screen' we are met with a spartan taking up almost half the right part of the page, with borders cutting off large parts of usable space. Instead of the dozens of helmets shown in one screen, like the UI we have now, only six or so are being shown at one time, this lowers the practicality of the whole concept UI
Clapz Bub wrote:
I like it. I honestly think UI changes will happen in an update at some point.
I am with you on this idea. The current just seems so bare bones. There is a lot they can do with what they have now. An improvement is always an improvement. Maybe the one we have now just works better ?
So is Halo 5 just a game where we just hope its flaws get fixed in Halo 6?
Wow, the old one looked so much better.
That UI looks great! I don't necessarily think there's anything wrong with the menu layout we have currently, but it is very bland and doesn't look nearly as cool as that concept layout.

I understand that it's only concept, so it was likely never finished, or was tested and didn't work as well as the current layout, but I have my fingers crossed that we get a UI change in future. To that layout.
I just hope they add it into the game later
Which idiot thought what we have now was better looking than that?
I think the same one in control of the playlists. .. ;)
Arkanagos wrote:
Was just about to make a topic regarding the exact same video!

I want to know this aswell, this UI is so much better then the current UI. Maybe the gametypes UI isn't as good (should always be a list going down, not across, slows everything down when wanting to look through gametypes), but yeah, WHY 343!?

Since they're meant to be working on updating the UI, theres a part of me that wishes they went back to this UI and finished it off, but then the other part of me knows this will sadly never happen :(
I WAS TOO!!! Oh my blam!
I'm guessing we got what we got because this is game was probably rushed at a few points or something like Destiny's development occurred (they literally rewrote all of the story and put it out unfinished). Just look at how incomplete and lacking Custom Games is.
Wow, that looked considerably better.

How did we end up with this UI?
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