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Why Did Everyone Hate Advanced Movement In Halo?

OP Tresor564

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I don’t really consider Sprint, Slide, & Clamber to be “advanced movements”. To me, they’re just common sense evolutions of the mobility component in FPS titles, but I can also understand why some don’t agree that sprint, as implemented thus far, should gatekeep access to the max delta movement speed by way of “guns down” gameplay. Nevertheless, these have been things I’ve been advocating to be implemented into Halo dating back to the earlier titles of the franchise.

The Boost, Stabilize, Spartan Charge, and Ground Pound mechanics I can see fitting into that so-called “advanced” category, but I personally enjoyed their inclusion. I did however want to see some aspects of them curtailed or modified from what we got.

But, these are all just my own opinions. And I understand that people may prefer Halo without these abilities.
Enhanced mobility is awesome
I’m in the camp where the advanced movement of Halo 5 (or sprint in 4) never bothered me, I have fun with it and I can see the depth it can add to the positioning game. However, when I’m playing CE-Reach I don’t miss the thrusters or clamber. To me, the different styles were pretty well implemented in their respective games and they never hurt the core gunplay “feel” which is what I love the most in Halo.

The loadout system in 4 was the only thing I truly didn’t like but that was mostly remedied with modes that had pre-set loadouts. Not a perfect solution but it improved the core game a lot.
I didn't mind advanced movement, it complimented my playstyle. Classic Halo was about controlling power weapons/ups on the most advantageous spot on the map. In Halo 5 it is important to control power weapons/ups but holding a territory isn't as important. It's more about rotating to catch the enemy team spawning over and over. I like that because I am an offensive and aggressive player. I still think Halo 2 was the best Halo game though.

I think alot of people didn't like advanced movement because it was too much to do in a moment. In classic Halo, you had time to think and predict while in Halo 5 there is less of that and more reacting with your reflexes.
The advanced movement is cool, idk why people don't like it
Everyone? Rather a sweeping statement or generalisation of the commuity opinion of this mechanic.
I didn't hate it so not everyone did
I've heard many pros mention Halo 5 as their favorite Halo, if not, right up there with H3, lately. And I mean long time, OG pros (not just the new ones).

It seems the people at the very top echo your feelings about Halo MM advancements.
When running was introduced in reach, it was you either loved it or hated it no inbetween, kind of the same with advanced movements but hey you learn them and you're good to go, for swat & breakout i think
I always liked it.
uussu wrote:
When running was introduced in reach, it was you either loved it or hated it no inbetween, kind of the same with advanced movements but hey you learn them and you're good to go, for swat & breakout i think
I was an in-between person. I appreciated that Sprint was finally brought to Halo. But, I also despised how they implemented it. I thought it should’ve been a common universal player trait that everyone had access to instead of treating it as a swappable Armor Ability.
Tresor564 wrote:
So, I've been a fan of Halo since halo reach and I've played and enjoyed the older halo's a lot.

-Halo 5 has been my favorite shooter that I've ever played because I felt like the advanced movement gave Halo a new level of depth and really increased the games skill gap and made strafing a more important element as well as how the game can change from a slow paced slower game to a fast paced game in less than half a second and how challenging the fast or slow the combat can be a higher levels.

- Honestly It perplexes me how much the halo fan base hates advanced movement and some even sprint

- So if you do love advanced movement or hate is please comment it below and why?

Edit:If you have some disagreements w people in the comments please do your best to keep things professional and civil
If you really played 1-3 you would understand. Halo had higher base movement speed and smaller maps. Zero need for sprint. This gave you faster gun play and higher skill needed. Partly to faster engagement and partly needing skill to fire weapons accurately. All this 8s now gone. This is why people dont want it. It also makes them make maps bigger for no reason other than sprint. This is no good for making good maps.
I’ve never understood the hate for the movement in halo 5 or even the sprint scene in halo infinite. It’s really not that big of a deal. In my opinion
ChrisRayGun on YouTube made an excellent video describing this exact thing.

For me personally, I think the sandbox balance of Halo from CE to H3 relied very much on how you navigated that terrain. There's no rocket jumping in H5 like there was in CE. There's no sword lunging like there was in H2. There's no grav-hammer vehicle fun. Its all gutted by the advanced movement.

Not only does advance movement gut the balance of the original and very well refined sandbox, but 343i has yet, I feel, to generate their own sandbox that honors the spirit of Halo. Ultimately that's what needs to happen, and in an attempt to do something new they either on accident or on purpose lost the spirit of Halo in H5.

Don't get me wrong, I still seriously enjoy H5, but it is fundamentally not Halo because of those changes. Infinite looks like 343i is doing what they can to merge the new stuff they introduced in H4 & H5 with the original design philosophy of the original trilogy. I'm 100% for this direction and very excited to see what they come up with.
It ruined the consistency and strafing. I got over it and accepted it. After initial hate i grew to like 5s gameplay overall
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