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[Locked] Why did my rank reset

OP TTVvxxlt

My playlist rank reset. I lost only about 3 games and my stats reseted. It also happen to my brother. Please help. My July-August season reset the newest one did this happen to everyone or what is this .
Same here, and everyone I was playing with. So yeah...
Mine also and pretty sure was about to rank nicely in swat 🤔
I was on my 9th game and when I finished I was back down to zero game. Thanks 343 lol
Can we get a reasoning for this?? I know many people were ranking champ
don't know whats going on here but all of my ranks in Ranked Arena has been reseted since today. 343! can you please get your game together please!! :)
There was an issue when ranks reset earlier today where players were able to rank above the max qualifying rank. That has been fixed; now every player can rank a max of Diamond 3 after qualifying and will have to keep playing to rank higher.