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[Locked] Why do people hate being Tea-Bagged?

OP SuperbCartoon53

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You make a point but I don't think everyone has the same experience. The way I see it, there are different types of t-bags.
1) Between friends t-bag
2) Finally you're dead t-bag
3) I sooooo owned you there t-bag
4) Game over t-bag (Game overs can be chaos)
The way to do if is to stand in their dead body and spin in a circle
MY last game i play right now, was on RIPTIDE infection, and someone infected me and teabagged me, then when he game was over, he messaged me and said sorry i tebagged you on your face so hard. like wtf
Totally entertaining thread. I only tbag mates occasionally, but I don't mind it when people tbag me, its meant to be a fun game, people take things to seriously these days.
I don't mind the tea-bag. Its just overly excited children, teens, and adults having fun on Halo.
T-BAG is only for accustomed halo players new players don't know our traditions ,they shouldn't be playing if they don't T-BAG
its kind of disrespectful. I think a hearty punch to a newly expired spartan is more of a "told you so" then dropping the old man bags on ones husk.
Makes me feel... Digitally violated... Yet... I enjoy doing it sometimes to others...
Tea bagging....
Well think, what is tea bagging referring to?

Your pretending to do what....while standing over me..?

It's a Grose gesture and I'm insulted that my spartan which I unintentionally place my identity upon.
Has been "air violated" by your repeated crouching.
Tea Bagging is a show of respect. Do you respect your wife and or girlfriend? You tea bag her and you respect her so... same goes for your opponent in big team battle who tried to assassinate your team mate but you beat him down first nomsayin.
Funniest thing I've ever done to my wife was waking her up to the bag! Layed'em right over her nose and got one on each eye. Luckily she's got a good sense of humor.
It is just another way to humiliate the player - but with Halo 5 being so fast paced, there isn't time to do it! lol
Seriously... Why you heff to be mad?

If I'm having a duel with somebody consistently on the other team and they DON'T T-bag me then I feel insulted. Like I haven't rustled their jimmies enough.

T-Bagging in a sense is a form of respect and acknowledgment that you have annoyed the other player on some level. Should this not be seen as a compliment?

So WHY do I still get aggressive messages from squeakers going "OMG BRO STOP TBAGGING YOU IDIOT ^%$%&^"

Seriously lmao get over it tbagging is the goat! 1. t-bagging is showing that you dont care what you do and you have no respect for anyone else in the game butYOURSELF 2. dont use goat its starting to get anoying and came from a trash song
Bag and drag. Drop on their head and move down their body. Get back up and walk to their head and repeat, until you're sated.

I don't find it offensive, it's just a way to make fun of the person you just killed. Even better when you get a rivalry going on.
Maybe because the same kiddies that actually complained about the Spartans high-fiving each other after a victory in the beta are being hypocritical about how srs things need to be taken in a video game.

I'm not saying you're one of them, I'm just saying in general.
Honestly, when someone dominates me in pvp and does a pop and squat it makes me smile everytime. Even if I'm raging mad from the game, it makes me stop and realize...that it's just a game.

If I get teabagged, I deserve it. If I teabag someone, it's a sign of worthiness.
I've just lost all hope that halo will ever be respectable like COD this is why we are second best
I really have no problem with tea bagging. It just seems a little played out at this point tho... it's like WASSSSUUUUPPPPP from the late 90's. Funny back then, no longer original. Not that I think "taunts" have any place in Halo ( not worth losing a button over) but the DOOM taunts are an actual fun twist to game-play (not to mention some of them are hilarious).
Tea-bagging can also be seen as an act of dishonoring the bagged player. In order to reclaim his lost honor he must hunt down the Tea Bagger and kill and Tea bag him.
I have always wondered the same thing, OP. People need to get over it and just have fun. This coming from a 30+ year old.

It's part of Halo. Always has been, always will be. Don't take it so personally & just have fun.
I've got no problem with it. If you get annoyed by something as silly as tea-bagging, you need to stop playing and go to an anger management therapist.

I only tea bag others when I feel I've earned it though, I.e, the kill was awesome or particularly skillful.
It's the ultimate insult.

You're basically being reminded that you weren't good enough to defeat your opponent, and now they're further adding insult to injury by dragging their genitals all over your dead body.

It's infuriating.
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