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Why do ppl say Halo5 armr look like a power ranger

OP Z3ROtime23

Why do people say halo 5 armor design looks like power ranger armor? Where do they get it from? Yeah, I mean its a bit to bright but keep in mind that the majority of you are talking about MP and that is a simulation, so it would make sense if the armor looks shiny and new, without any grit to it. Please answer in detail, stay on topic, and most importantly, have fun! No not really but pls answer.
I guess because it looks like clay or plastic. Some of the armors look toyish (the noble armor honestly) but thats all I can come up with.
Lots of them look like they were ripped straight from action figures, plastic and toyish, just like power rangers.
It really annoys me whenever people say Halo 5 armors look like Power Rangers. NO, THEY DON'T! Power Rangers wear tights, while Spartans don't! If anything, people need to stop being stuck in the Bungie era because otherwise it will only continue to make the Halo community look even worse.
It's because it's extra shiny and almost plastic like where as in Halo Reach to 3. The armor looked heavy. Halo Wars 2 actually has some blocky armor too I like how diesel the Spartans look. I like some of the 343i era armor. War Master, Warrior, Wetwork, and Achilles look cool.

Let's not forget the best armor in all of Halo probably of all time.

In my opinion, they might not look like power rangers but they kinda look like cheap plastic and less gritty while also seeming flat compared to past Halo's, there are a few I like in H5 like the one you earned from the legend achievement in MCC, the scout helmet and Reach's added armor. The lighting for H5 could also play a hand for the looks to.
They seem to look like Plastic and have much more Vibrant Colors and a more Organic Design unlike Bungie's designs.
Well, as I see it, to add more custody, 343 may have brought old armor and created new ones, even though they would look like they were made of plastic, but maybe in halo lore it is partly made of that material.
I don't think it look like a power ranger but I don't like most of 343's armors and how they look.
I don't think it look like a power ranger but I don't like most of 343's armors and how they look.
Same I wouldn't say power ranger. Well a few DO look like power rangers, but I don't think creating armor is 343's strength.