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[Locked] Why do you hate Sarah Palmer


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my main reasons I hate her is:
not in order
1.shes egotistic
- She's a super soldier. You'd have an ego too.
2.she is self prideful
- In what way?
3.she has a flash temper
- And?
4.she had a false hate towards Halsey
- False? I dunno, confronting a war criminal that kidnapped, augmented, and utilized child soldiers can make a hate very real.
5.she insulted the master chief!!!!
- Hey, I thought he'd be taller too.
6.she has her helmet off at terrible times for no -yoinking- reason!!!
- Unlike Chief we are supposed to see what she looks like. Do you not like Top Gun because they fly with their masks off in unpressurized cockpits for reasons?
thats why I hate her mainly if I go back through halo 4,5,escalation,and Spartan ops I'd think off more many,many more reason why.
Name one reason you hate Sarah Palmer XD
Jennifer Hale.
I personally dislike Palmer because she is nothing more than a one dimensional cliche of a woman trying to make it in a mans world. It's as if 343 couldn't be bothered to create a character with depth, someone you could relate to. As Jessica Rabbit once said "I'm not bad Mr Valiant, I'm just drawn that way" so to with Palmer, 343 could have created a strong female character in line with Ripley from the Alien films, but just fell back on cliches and stereotypes.
As much as most people will not to admit it, the majority of the hate would be non-existent if she was male.

Frankly, I think she's one of the coolest Spartan IVs. She's got pride, and she's useful when it comes to overseeing operations; she was always invested in my success in Spartan Ops, providing some real useful weapons, and pushing for extraction when -Yoink- got rough.

Hell, the MAJORITY of the times she called scientists "eggheads" was when they were directly interfering with Fireteam Crimson's work. Some of the -Yoink- that those eggheads did nearly got Crimson killed, or at very least almost caused a mission failure, or got themselves kid.

Plus, Jennifer Hale is an awesome voice actress.

But I do hate the fact that she can Dual Wield and I can't. That, and she gets to have a black bodysuit and I don't. So, I guess the reason I "hate" her is that I'm jelly.
She does not fit the Halo universe in my opinion and is to cocky, especially around Chief. The first thing she said to Chief, I believe was" I thought you/he would have been taller." From right there she did not repect is greatness. Halo had a great femal character with Key's daughter, but Sarah does not work in my opinion.
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