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Why does everyone hate on Halo 5? It's amazing!

OP stukes09

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stckrboy wrote:
Zac Static wrote:
No he points out everything wrong with the campaign and its so bad. Clearly you don't know halo if you dont agree with how bad it is, it doesn't feel like a halo campaign
People are entitled to their own opinions. Telling someone they don't know Halo just because they may not agree with your viewpoints isn't constructive
Yes that's true I should of said that instead I just dont feel like the campaign is good. Still everyone is allowed to have their opinion and I have nothing against it at all.
While I think halo 5 is a good game, as many say I think it's not a good halo game. It's missing it's soul. Customization is bone dry, emblems deconstructed by greed, a lot of halo 5s good features didn't come until long after launch. It's gameplay deviates too far from halos core gameplay. And you can see halo 5 shine more when you play the more recent modes where they have cut initial core mechanics added into base halo 5. There's no sense of reward for leveling up. There's no longer a true tier list for people to work at to try and get the coolest armors and accessories. Weapons like the plasma rifle has to have their core mechanics change to fit the gameplay for halo 5, instead of being more like an smg, it's a burst rifle because of how fast it over heats. You see that a lot of the weapons they changed, they ended up bringing back their old counterparts because the community preferred them. Over all there's was a whole lot of "fixing things" for things that were not broken. But I'll give them credit, from the launch of halo 5 so many thing HAVE changed for the better and I hope halo Infinite uses all these changes for a solid foundation instead of shipping a broken game with 5 years of fixing
I love H5 multiplayer, in many ways I think its the best. I agree with some of the balance issues brought up.

My gripe is with the campaign, it is the worst in the series. And that's including Reach, which though it was cool, retconned one of the best books of the best trilogy of all of halo lore! A huge part of what makes halo special for me goes beyond the multiplayer experience. Its the story, the lore, the mystery. Let me preface, I actually don't mind Cortana, or a false variant of Cortana being the antagonist, my gripe is with the execution of the campaign and the awful betrayal of the advertising! That, and the betrayal of about half of what halo 4 set up brilliantly!

Halo 4 recognized that fighting covenant perpetually would be tiresome, so it set up a really cool and complex (if you get into the lore) final boss of the covenant in Jul M'Dama while setting the stage for a much more frightening enemy, the didact, and whatever hell he might unleash via flood and/or Prometheans. Halo 5 ditches Jul M'Dama right off the bat to send a message that Osiris is bad -Yoink-, but all it really says is goodbye cool side plot... Oh and the Didact was apparently killed in cannon but out of game? Look either KILL him in H4 or bring him into H5, they did neither, another huge waste.

Ok so that sets the stage for the cool marketing that Chief now is the bad guy, enemy of the state, may or may not have done questionable things!, mind you this could all be possible in the scope of the plot lines H4 set up, no need to ditch them. So anyway, here we are hoping that Chief is stuck in a complex ethical struggle with morality vs responsibility with whatever the new plot throws at him (H4 was hinting at this) but no. Nope, he is just doin the grind being a good spartan and when he decides to go chase after visions of Cortana (no real stakes for the other characters) he gets chased by Osiris for a couple missions. They get into a fight, by the way could you imagine how cool it would have been to be in a boss fight against the Chief himself?! and one that is unwinnable! fight until he defeats you/restrains you, and goes his merry way. Missed opportunity. So anyway, this doesn't last, it soon becomes clear what is going on with Cortana and they all become buddy buddy again, no stakes.

Again, I don't mind the plot of Cortana or some variant of her as the antagonist. The plot issues here predate that, and this plot could have been rolled in to a much higher stakes ethical struggle for chief making it much more aligned to the marketing.
stukes09 wrote:
Unknown wrote:
As for the last of us that stuck around, we adapted to the new gameplay I like Halo 5 and play it a lot, but here are few reasons why I and others are still frustrated with it:
-Automatics are still in ranked playlists. There's an exception in FFA when you find a match with "HCS" settings, which is a good thing. But half the time you're still going to have to play normally.
-The radar still isn't fixed. For some reason, the radar is still at 18m which makes no sense whatsoever. When you have sprint,.flashy assassinations, and the notorious spartan charge, everybody is sprinting around the map without any repercussions. By the time you see them on your radar it's too late. It's obvious this was intended to give the scrubs a fighting chance. But that doesn't make it any less unbalanced. Again with FFA; sometimes when you get HCS settings, your radar is at 24m. Except it doesn't matter at this point, because there is no spartan charge. 343 either has to fix it or remove it from ranked playlists. It's just another design choice that boggles my mind.
-I don't know when you started playing Halo, but Halo 5's campaign was impossible to understand unless you read the books (who does that anyway?) Halo 4 was almost as bad, but at least you knew what the agenda of the didect was. I'd say it was actually a good new story for Chief, but there's still too many plot holes. Also, no split screen for the first time in Halo's history? BIG no no.
-reqs (microtransactions). Pretty self explanatory. It's a problem with all games though.
-ugly armor that makes no sense. Good color and emblem choices though
-Full parties are still being matched up against randoms. This is one of the main reasons why Halo 5 is still very unbalanced, even in Warzone.
-I personally don't like the CSR, but there are some older fans that do.
-The hit registration still isn't 100% sometimes. You can notice this a lot in Swat. Sometimes that last headshot just doesn't kill your opponent. I've lost hundreds of 1v1s because of it.
Other than the reasons listed, I still think Halo 5 is fun, but it's just so much wasted potential. If you played the new Classic Throwback playlist, you'd know how great Halo 5 could've been, because how smooth it plays. It could've easily been the best Halo game. Let's just hope they deliver with Infinite.
Thanks. Great insights. What is CSR?
I believe CSR is competitive skill rating,
That's correct.
kdogxx wrote:
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H4 never removed split, me and my brother play Spartan Ops on split and it still worked, and same for campaign.
You know growing up on the Legacy Halo games I was very hesitant about buying Halo 5 due to the rating being dropped to T instead of M among the aesthetics of the games and my lack of interest im the Prometheans.

Today in 2019:
Halo 5 is a lot more fun than I gave it credit. Warzone is my favorite mode and It makes me want to start recruiting for a Spartan Company (and to finally start my machinima—) to grow with other players. Customization isn't Reach levels, bit it's fun. Remaking the Mjolnir Mark V armor gives me life. Though the game still has issues, mainly it's campaign, lack of split screen, and the overall interface. It's difficult to navigate through the menus. That's my opinions on 5!
Halo has been one of my Favorite game franchises of all time next to Fallout and Half-Life, I own every installment to the main halo series, from CE to ODST to 5. I think they are all fun games that are enjoyable and mechanically sound.

There is something about the way that Halo presented itself that made it stand out from everything else. The setting, the gameplay, the art all stand out in my mind as something that is unmistakably unique, something that is unmistakably halo. I really think that halo and star wars have a lot in common with each other in regards to their influence and iconography over their respective industries. When 343 took over, they wanted to make halo theirs. They didn't want to continue bungie's legacy they wanted to enhance it, change it, make it better. In the pursuit of improvement I really believed that they forgot what halo was and what it represented and what it meant to people. Again using the analogy of halo and starwars; 343 tried to redesign the lightsaber and make it their own without regard to what people latched onto to begin with.

Also, I will admit that bungie never did the best job when it comes to story telling on a micro scale, the story of the halo trilogy was interesting and well executed mostly because of its presentation. In halo 4 was a very interesting take on a halo story it was well executed but not well presented, it felt like just another generic blockbuster story from its presentation but its premise was much more intimate and well executed. There was a lot of backlash from the change in direction halo 4 had and i think it handicapped halo 5. Halo 5 just said "screw it" and dropped the story that they were going with and the loss of Cortana its presentation still didn't stand out so the story just existed in mediocre hell.

I tried really hard to like halo 5 but I got bored/confused after the first mission. I felt like I skipped an entire game jumping from halo 4 to 5 "who the heck is the Jul guy?" "Why is Halsey missing an arm?" Apparently Since I didn't play a side mode in halo 4 or read some books I now have no idea whats going on with this character that they just introduced and killed in one mission. I tried to push past these confusions and continue to play the story but it fell into the trap of halo reach where the most effective strategy is to just pick off enemies from a distance, halo is at its best when you are in the enemies face taking the fight to them, not delivering the fight from across the map with a precision weapon.

In terms of the multiplayer like I said earlier, its fun and addicting but at the core it hurts what halo is. Halo is a slow paced game less about twitch aiming and more about out smarting and out maneuvering your opponent. Halos gameplay is a lot like a dance between you and your opponent strafing in and out of each other attacking and countering with different weapons and techniques and in about 3-5 seconds its all over, and you are onto the next dance. Halo moved away from this outsmart approach and moved towards a game of juking out your opponent, bobing and weaving out of the way of gunshots with lightning fast speed, good aim and making yourself unpredictable trumps strategy in most situations.

I think that their attempt to modernize halo failed, but they didn't fail at attempting to make a fun game. I would be totally fine with the gameplay of Halo 5 on its own, Because if Halo 5 was accepted for its change in gameplay than the game that halo was would be lost forever. A lot of that is probably fear and nostalgia talking and I understand that.

Halo also has another problem that star wars has in regards to its expanded universe, All of these different writers with different ideas about what halo is are pushing and pulling on the universe in all these different directions until it becomes a mess of ideas, any argument for gameplay that starts with "but the lore says..." should be disregarded immediately

Anyway my rambling is over, I don't really think I said anything and that this was all just nonsense but hopefully you can decipher what I'm trying to say about halo loosing its identity and why I don't like it as much anymore.

TLDR: Halo is defined by its presentation and its strategic sandbox, halo 5 moved away from both of those things in an attempt differentiate from bungie deliberately or not. The game is still fun its just not Halo anymore.
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