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Why Dr Halsey is so important in Halo 5


Me and my family watched Halo 4 and Spartan Ops last night on YouTube. Great journey (pun)

I wrote this article explaining why Master Chief wanted to find Cortana so much in Halo 5 and to sum it all up it turns out John is an extremely loyal person who will keep his word at any lengthy cost, even risking his own life just keep his promises because as a human Chief trusts Cortana. Read this to find out why.

And it has now come to my attention that in Halo 4, John 117 made another promise to Cortana when they fell into Requiem: Bring her to Halsey to get fixed (rampancy).

Long story short, after fighting on Requiem, Ivanoff station and Earth, Chief and Cortana got caught up in fighting the Didact and they eventually defeated him by nuking the composer. (More proof Chief is loyal to humanity by willing to sacrifice himself and go to great lengths to save humanity) Cortana supposedly died and Chief lived but was no longer able to keep his promise... (She could no longer be saved from rampancy).

1 year later however, John receives a visual message of Cortana telling him to go to Meridian to find her during one of his ONI missions. Because of all the past experience with Cortana, Chief still heavily trusts her and decided he would've gone looking for her with or without Blue Team.

However there was no confirmation that Cortana was actually alive, but if she was Chief trusted her and decided to investigate if she really has returned. John's immediate and strong trust in Cortana made him very willing to go AWOL. After all we're talking about the blue lady who helped Chief save humanity multiple times, how could you not trust her? This trust was so strong he was willing to take the risk of his whole Fireteam getting court marshalled.

(Locke was a problem for Chief though. Lasky told John that "another Fireteam has been dispatched to deal with her". This confused Blue Team because there was no information notified to them regarding her return. For unknown reasons, the UNSC Ifinite has been aware of the Guardians and Cortana's resurrection. If information regarding Cortana was shared earlier, Chief might've understood what was going on better, but instead had no idea what was going on and needed to investigate for himself. He still trusted Cortana at this point)

On Meridian, Blue Team located the area Cortana requested Chief to go. (Blue Team was not mentioned in Cortana's message but Warden let them in the Guardian because the the authorised person to board is permitted bring companions). Fireteam Osiris were not authorised to pass yet still defeated the Warden to get the Blue Team.

At this point Chief was already in pursuit of finding Cortana and he is still holding on to his promise, his promise that if Cortana is out there he will find her and get Halsy to fix her. No amount of Spartan IVs were going to prevent him from keeping that promise. That is exactly why John 117 says "I have a job to finish".

(The UNSC tried to prevent him from keeping that promise he made in Halo 4 and lied to him about Cortana's survival, which is why Chief fought Locke who tried to stop him)

Fast forward in time, Blue Team discovers Cortana is alive an her rampancy is cured. John's promise to fix her by returning her to Halsy seems accomplished right? Not quite. Cortana's behaviour was noticeably unusual. Chief was now seriously questioning his trust in her after boarding the Guardian in Meridian which caused major destruction and killed many lives - something he knew Cortana would've easily avoided at all costs. Something wasn't right, even if she claimed she was cured.

The only way to find out her condition was to help her gain full access to the Mantle. Chief, had to trust her in the meantime so he could find her which is why he persued her request to activate another Guardian in Sanghelios. Blue Team still have no idea why she is doing all this.

Meanwhile the UNSC Infinity is tasked finding any remaining inactive Guardians. They discover that one is on Sanghelios and if they can access it they may be able to stop Cortana with it or at least locate where all the rest have been heading too. Locke was the man for the job, but was delayed getting to it by what remained of the Covenent. He and Osiris only just managed to climb aboard just as the Guardian under Sunaion had awakened and relocated to Genesis via slipspace.

EDIT: Locke at this point understands why Chief trusts Cortana and views her as a friend. Tanaka and Locke discuss this on Sanghelios.

Here Chief asks "what are you doing here?". (He feels Locke may still be attempting to stop him from saving Cortana), but when the two teams meet up Locke instead insists on helping Chief locate her and teaming up to find a way to stop Cortana from continuing the dangerous path she's currently committed to (Locke's original mission was to locate her after all). Chief silently agrees but is immediately abducted to a seperate area by Cortana where he can't associate with Locke on this quest.

Warden Eternal was also a pain in the butt for Chief because he was continuously being delayed from reaching Cortana, making his promise to save her even more difficult.

Finally, Blue Team reached Cortana. Warden was halted and Chief got to see Cortana's condition. "You've changed" he said to her, implying she has absolute power over Forerunner facilities and units, (including the Guardians). Chief had to be brave and pointed out to Cortana that she was becoming corrupt and requested her to stand down (remaining loyal to humanity). Cortana, his once good friend, refused and imprisoned Blue Team. This refusal, the inprisonment of Blue Team (Chief's closest friends), and her desire to take full control of the Galaxy has forced Chief to lose trust in her. Luckily, Locke saved him from the Crypt and can now find a way together to stop her.

You're probably wondering why I mentioned Dr Halsy in the title of this article. That's because it's very possible that Dr Halsy may be the core solution to saving or defeating Cortana. (There are other ways).

This is why Dr Halsy was in Halo 5. She will be present in Halo 6 as a solution to defeating Cortana.

Spoiler: at the end of Halo 5 Chief meets Dr Halsy after many years. His plan was to meet her because he knew she would have a solution to cure Cortana's rampancy. It just so happens she may have a plan to stop Cortana's corruption too.

Until Halo 6, we are yet to find out what that solution is.

Thankyou for reading!

EDIT: Dr Halsy also seemed to know Cortana survived via Forerunner technology and that John would trust her too much.