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Why Raid on Apex 7 is the best Warzone map

OP HFish12

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Ok sorry but Apex 7 is the worst, by far. The blue team has an unfair advantage, the spire is completely useless and the size and random scenery make it ridiculous to snipe on... And scorpions have an unfair advantage. Hate to break it to you, but this map is bad.
I agree, is just perfect, the ability to hide from a scorpion in a tunnel or catch the enemy base by surprise is awesome. The bases are even and most of all, every game feels fair, even thought there is an exploit that allows red team to get to the spire withought touching the ground.
If my team captures the Spire early, I love it, because it's fairly easy to defend and take out bosses from. If my team loses it, it becomes miserable.
WZA on Apex 7 sucks sooooooo much. i hate playing offense on that map on phase 1. its so unbalanced.
I like escape from ARC the best to be honest, i like apex 7, but the thing is, blue team is advantageous, march on stormbreak is fun, then battle of noctus is fun.. but noctus plays differently from the other maps
red team your armoury take monguse theirs/blue team rush theirs 2 take yours
apex and stormbreak good but apex best
I honestly hate Apex 7, its my least favorite map
I think the best part of Raid on Apex 7 is the fact that the home bases have two exits. One in the front like all the others, and another one out the back that lead's to a sniper's bunker. This can be used to snipe or at least harass the other team if they hold the spire, and can be used to escape the base. All other maps just funnel the players into one area where they're easily spawn trapped.
Have to disagree. Red team has huge advantages in this map.

  1. Red team doesn't have to pass by an armoury to get to the beach, where the first two legendary AI enemies spawn. If Red team takes the East armoury, blue team will have to fight to get past, or take the long way around. Additionally, Red team can spawn vehicles that can get to the beach in half the time. Since the bases are the only spawn points for vehicles, and Red base is right next to the beach Red team gets top billing for heavier vehicle access like wraiths, tanks and mantises.
  2. They have much easier access to the spire. The rock that red team can run up to jump onto the spire is a huge advantage. This gives them a second way to get up to capture/attack, while the blue team is bottlenecked to the back of the base. It also gives them a solid place to attack the second level from, where the blue team has to go in front of the spire to hop up on the rocks.
  3. The sight lines from the bases back tunnel are much stronger than blue base. Red base back tunnel gives you a sight line to the spire as well as the West armoury, but from the Blue base back tunnel, you can only see the spire. And a pretty bad view of it at that.
Those are the three things that bother me the most about being on Blue team for this map. Red team gets big advantages.
HFish12 wrote:
Raid on Apex 7 is the most well-rounded Warzone map in Halo 5, and here's why.

To start things off, it's the most balanced map of the four. The bases aren't too spread out from each other, and the Spire is designed so the enemy team actually has a chance to steal the base capture. The boss placements are in the middle of the maps, making it fair play for both teams. The trees, plants, and map design makes it so snipers don't dominate the game and equates to more close-range combat.

Apex is also arguable the most creative and intuitive Warzone map. Being able to battle in a realistic jungle-esque environment is something Halo hasn't been able to successfully capture until now. The bosses, in my mind, are the most memorable and the terrain is truly outstanding. 343 clearly put a lot of thought and effort into this map and I thank them for that.
You realize that this map is extremely similar to campaign mission The Silent Cartographer and the multiplayer map Death Island from Halo PC, right? Just thought I would point that out.

As for your larger point, I disagree. Apex 7 is easily my least favorite Warzone map, despite being inspired by one of the best campaign levels in the series. It's entirely too big and as a result, the action is spread extremely thin. It has a bunch of small paths and tunnels that only over-complicate the map flow and make it very difficult to control or predict. Blue team has a clear advantage at the start because the red armory has a tunnel leading straight to the top for no apparent reason. The home base pill boxes are annoying. Finally, it is the basis of the worst Warzone Assault map by far, a offense for which I can never forgive it.
Nada. Red has that sniper bunker which is really close to the spire, and whoever controls Spire gets first shot at Warden and Knight Strategos.
My least favorite map.
My preference so far favors from best to greatest:

Battle of Noctis
Raid on Apex 7
March on Stormbreak
Escape from A.R.K.
Apex 7 is my favorite as well
I'd disagree completely on Apex being balanced for many reasons.

1) East armoury has almost uncontested direct access to the beach and as a result Tankmaster Rok and Captain Hestro. West armoury by comparison has to either also hold the Spire or run past it to reach the beach or else go from red home base.

2) West armoury has a tunnel leading almost directly from blue home base. Using the tunnels to east armoury leads directly underneath the man cannon or else to the beach neither of which offers any cover.

3) Spire is perfectly positioned for boss stealing on Warden Eternal. A team holding only east armoury will have significantly less chance of being in the right place at the right time than a team pushing from either spire or west armoury.

4) West armoury has a much better way to reach the upper floors of the spire by way of climbing the rocks at the front.

5) While the pillbox's may offer a way out when trapped at home base but they also offer a easy way into blue base which may be possible at red but is much harder.
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