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[Locked] Why the heck does everyone hate halo 5's campaign?

OP bartleby892760

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1. Bungie didn't abandon the series. Bungie and Microsoft are seperate companies and the only thing that happened is that Bungie's contract with Microsoft ended so they moved on. As for the campaign, the campaign was nothing like what they advertised in HuntTheTruth. There also wasn't alot of character development and a few characters which could have been interesting in the long run were killed off. Basically, instead of having a climax, the characters just died. The campaign was also super short. They said it would be something like 8-12 hours (I forgot the exact hours they described) on normal mode and I cleared it on 7-8 hours or so on Heroic. (I'm not a campaign guy). Gives us some reasons on why YOU like the Halo 5 campaign.
So does that answer your question OP?
I'm in the same place as you man, i think 4 and 5 were very solid games despite all the hate they get.
I think Halo 4 was amazing
I think Halo 5 is not
The campaign was short, it was shorter than any other halo. In addition three of the mission were non-combat, which could have been interesting, but failed to be. Several of the missions likely would have been combined into a single mission in previous halo games. Compare the length of any mission in halo 5 versus "Regret" "The covenant" or "Assault on the control room."

The story wasn't about the Locke hunting the chief, that's what it was advertised as, but that didn't really happen did it? The bait and switch didn't help much. Compare that to the Arbiter in halo 2. When we played as the Arbiter we were shown that the covenant was far more complex than we were shown in CE. We followed the arbiter as he realized that everything he believed was a lie. What did we learn by playing as Locke? That Buck was cool? Oh wait we knew that. Maybe it would have been worth it if the "Chief has gone rogue" idea actually was used to its fullest, but at no point are we allowed to doubt the Chief.

What actually happened? Not much. The Chief's pursuit of Cortana amounted to nothing. All halo 5 story did was introduce the Guardians as a MacGuffin to rival the halo rings.

Halo 4 ended with the Chief pondering his place in the universe. Who is he as a person? H5 should have answered those questions, instead they were tossed to the wayside for Team Osiris.

Spartan ops ended with Halsey betraying the UNSC and that amounted too...nothing.

Halo 5 expected you to read novels and watch a bad movie to have any idea who the characters were. When I was finishing my first playthrough of the campaign, there is a point towards the end wear Cortana starts to take the piss out of the team. She taught Vale with her father's approval and her genius level intellect. I spoke aloud at this point, "Wait she is supposed to be smart? How come she didn't do anything during the campaign." She taunts Tanaka about her planet being glassed and I responded, "Why didn't thy explore that, especially when we were on the glassed planet?" Then she taunts Buck about being old and Locke about being a former assassin. At what point in the campaign did Locke being a former assassin matter?
I can go through Halo 3 and 5 in the same amount of time on Legendary.

To OP-

I enjoyed the Sanghelios arc and Exuberant Witness. The rest of the campaign was ok.

Exuberant should be in Halo 6. If they cut anyone, it should be everyone but Buck (who's awesome) and Locke (who has more personality than Chief did in Halos 1-3). And Vale. Just cut Tanaka and replace with Thorne. He could be a "Thorne" in Cortana's side, lol. As far as Osiris is concerned, at least. Tanaka is "aight" but she outlived her usefulness once the Meridian segment finished.

I'd give her another comic, or at least a Canon Fodder, so fans would know her status.
Because the storyline was piece of crap.

A. Cortana's return was so half-arset that I rolled my eyes when we get to know how she came back.

B. Jul's death was so ridiculously pathetic that I still can't believe how anyone came up this crap. Imho Jul should have died on sanghelios fighting against Arbiter.

C. Warden Eternal.....The game did piss poor job explaining his motivation why he was working with cortana.

D. Arbiter....A fan favourite who had almost nothing to with the crappy story in this game.

E. Chief & Halsey 's Reunion was so moronic that I facepalmed hard. Took you long enough comment was anticlimax at it's worst.

F. Chief and Locke.... Like many already said, we didn't get the showdown we was promised. In one moment chief and locke fight against each other, and the next moment they are suddenly buddies.

False marketing right here.

I have more complains about campaign but I are too tired to list them.
Between a weak story and a completely BS advertising campaign? It's easy to see it's crap.
Misleading ads,3 missions as chief, 3 missions of just walking around and talking, jul mdama killed just to make locke look cool, completely disregarded halo 4s character development, and just pulled a rabbit out of there hat with bringing back cortana out of nowhere
I honestly don't get how people like a misleading half asd game
Spartan Ops > Halo 5 Guardians campaign
The gameplay levels are fun and the mechanics are great! But everything else just hurts and the countless Warden fights are just laughable
I have three problems with Halo 5's campaign that makes it sit at the bottom of my list of favorite campaigns that follows Master Chief.

My mine issue with Halo 5's Campaign is it lacks the nostalgic feel that Halo 4 gave me. I was pretty impressed with 343 when I was first playing through Halo 4's campaign. Loved majority of the game, thought it ended poorly, but 90% of the game had me hooked. The Didact fight was its downfall, probably why its low on my list of favorite campaigns. Comparing that to Halo 5, there really wasn't that much nostalgia. The missions as Blue Team hit my heart again with the nostalgia, especially on Genesis. But playing as Fireteam Osiris, didn't cut it for me. Yeah it was awesome to have Buck there with us, but he wasn't the same with Osiris as he was with Noble. 343 made Halo 4 feel like it fit in so well with Bungie's Trilogy, Halo 5 didn't.

My second problem with Halo 5 is the lack of playing as Blue Team. I was excited to hear we would be able to play as Blue Team. Hearing there would be eight playable characters made me a bit nervous. I wasn't sold on Fireteam Osiris, besides Buck. But I thought sure we'll play the teams equally or play as Blue Team a bit more than Fireteam Osiris. I was hoping, but then I was surely disappointed when I realized we played as Blue Team about 30% of the game. Playing as Blue Team on Genesis at the end as we fought through the Didact to get to Cortana was my favorite part of the game. I understand why there was so little of Blue Team in Halo 5 because of the way its story played out. But I didn't like that when I first played and still don't.

I'm going to keep this short with my last complaint. The Warden sucks. He was annoying and wasn't that frightening. The Didact was so much better than The Warden.

More Nostalgia and more Blue Team in Halo 6 please.

As some have already pointed out, it was the Hunt The Truth stuff that hyped the game and it wasn't what people were expecting...
Not what anyone expected, it was too linear. The stages were open but it still felt linear. I was hoping there would be more exploring while on those planets and locations kinda like odst and still have the linear missions in there. The chief had a ship and Osiris had the infinity which could of been like a hub in between missions. I remember this one "leak" that said it would of been a open world kinda game and you could choose your load out before missions that seemed interesting. Playing the division this weekend I was thinking of how it would of been cool if halo was like this. It's an open world with linear main missions with side missions thrown in. Maybe we could of gotten Spartan ops like this I mean we have a amazing sandbox. This was one of the shortest games I've played in a long time and I tried to take my time but it wasn't much to do once you killed everything and found the data pads.

The story was generic as hell! Robots versus humans get done so much it that gets old quickly. I would of preferred a new sentient threat or exploring the forerunners some more. Too much of the warden eternal, he was cool the first time than he appeared several more times. My favorite mission waw blue team because we played as the chief and blue team. There were only a couple missions with them. The Spartan ops and escalations story arch didn't even go nowhere. What happen to Halsey's revenge? I thought she would of gotten her hands on some forerunner tech cause she had both keys. Where was majestic? Where was team saber? Aren't they now part of blue team? Like there wasn't barely any background on anyone. There could of been some terminals that featured Osiris and blue team for ppl that never read the books. This is why I felt it should of been a open world with exploring and side missions lol I've been playing a lot of open world games and their stories are immersive plus is a lot to do. I'm kinda over with the whole level thing i like going from place to place whether it be fast travel or driving there.

The thing for me is they played it too safe and it ended up being meh. I understand multiplayer it has to be balanced and fair but the campaign should of been their thing where they took chances. I played it once and couldn't even replay it after that. It wasn't anything that made me say "dang I gotta play this part again I might of missed something" it was more of a maybe it'll get better the next level but pretty much nothing happened.
I may be missing something as I'm not too sure of lockes history regarding becoming a spartan but how did even get close to chief in a fight when the Spartan 2's had to have ceramic bones etc to cope with mjolnir armour. Surely he would have just smashed Locke to pieces?
Alot of people are saying that it wasn't Chief centered. However, to be fair, the Chief is getting old. We can't really expect chief to be fighting when he reaches fifty or sixty. This is 343's way of starting to shift into something new.

There is also a major amount of dislike towards the AI vs humanity. I can understand that this is overused in sci-fi, but how they executed it here gave the entire thing a new twist. It's not as simple as AIs rebelling, as much as it is AIs getting forerunner power, and becoming convinced that they are superior.

I noticed that some people are just saying "Because it was bad". Guys, please don't just waste posting on that kind of response. Why do you feel it was bad? There's no point in debating something if you're just going to say that you have no particular reason for disliking it.

Ps. 12 pages on one of my topics? Wow LOL.
This is why.
Thanks for linking me to that, it was an interesting read
Aside from what everyone else has said, was anyone really impressed with the reveal of The Guardians in this game? Just curios.
I think that is mainly three problems; the "misleading" campaign of hunt the truth, that even make believe that perhaps they will include time travelling, since in one scene you see Chief chasing Locke and in the other scene you see the opposite so I was like "they may be using a forerunner device to time traveler or something?".

I don´t found the lack of Chiefs missions that important but rather the lack of "emotion/feeling" if that make sense, in Halo 4 we saw how Chief truly is, his fears and his emotions, he was way more human than ever, so it was Cortana. However in Halo 5 there is a serious lack of him as character even in the cut scene with the Blue team, there is nothing going on, and there is a lot to say about the team, the friendship, Cheif and so, one could it thought "it was short but intense" about that story part, but it wasn´t; as soon as you finish the Blue team mission you ask your self "is that it?" and consequently "really? Who are those guys? Why this or that? What happen with Chief why he doesnt express anything anymore?. I read The fall of the reach so i know quite a lot about them, but not everybody read the book and even though this is way after those events. Is like the story is lacking in story. The same with the Arbiter, Halsey, Jul 'Mdama, Sarah Palmer or even the the damn Guardianas and many other character that didnt get the attention they deserve it.

And third is the campaign wasn´t that "epic/revealing"; in Halo 2 you realize that there is a lot going on, the Covenant, Flood still alive, more Halos, and so and so. Here they reveal the Guardians and that Cortana is still alive but not much, plus I think is a lay down, all you feel you do in this camping is basically one thing, search for Chief/Cortana. (Gears of war 3???) And also it doesn´t feel like all this events will have a huge impact in Halo 6 like the onces in Halo 2. At least that´s my perspective of it.
Mislead straight to disappointment and another thing is most of the previous campaigns brought something new to the table all they did was add 3 AI as your fireteam that don't really serve a purpose aside from prolonging the inevitable restart from the last check point as you watch them run around like idiots and die
misleading from The hunt the truth ads.
too much Locke, not enough MC.
Felt kinda rushed.
locke is a boring character IMO.
I mean it's prolly the weakest campaign we've had from the main series.
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