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[Locked] Why the heck does everyone hate halo 5's campaign?

OP bartleby892760

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Now, I don’t mean to dismiss the people who dislike it. There are quite a few valid arguments. But please don’t dismiss Halo 5’s campaign because 343 made it, and please hear me out.
Everywhere I look, I see people complaining about the Halo 5 campaign.
“The levels aren't long enough!"-There are more than enough levels, despite how short the first couple were, and the other levels were long enough to be insanely fun. I really enjoyed the first two missions anyways.
“I hate 343i!” If you hate 343, then I don't know what to tell you. We’re stuck with them, because Bungie abandoned us. However, they haven’t done much bad. Despite all the dislike towards it, Halo 4 was a solid game.
"The story was shallow”-I’m sorry, what? It’s about Locke hunting down Chief, and Cortana being alive, and had an amazing story. It really explored the halo universe in a way no other game has.
“The campaign was too short”-There were a ton of levels, and the only campaign I enjoyed more was Halo 3 #ArbyFTW

What's your opinion, guys? Please tell me what you think, but please be polite to everyone, and please DO NOT TROLL!
Bungie did not abandon us. They did an excellent job at creating and nurturing the franchise and then left for other projects. I respect them for this because most game studios these days tend to stick with "tried and true" franchises to make money which is why many titles (Doom, GoW, CoD, GTA to name a few) have continued. Bungie bowed out gracefully despite knowing that they could have done more Halo games with the material available in the novels. The reason why many fans of the original games dislike 343 is because everyone knew that the Halo franchise had run it's course after Halo: Reach and should have been left alone. In fact, the head of 343i, Bonnie Ross was told this by her colleagues when she brought up the idea of Halo 4.

The story was shallow and confusing. H4 ended with MC dealing with the loss of Cortana and I was looking forward to H5 to see how the Chief would get over Cortana and continue fighting. The trailers hinted towards Blue Team members discussing Chief's mental health and the possibility of him going rogue against the UNSC. I found that intriguing with the "Hunt the Truth" marketing tagline Microsoft threw out before the game launch and really looked forward to seeing Locke hunt the MC. But it was soon revealed that Cortana was alive and wanted to become the universal equivalent of Cyberdyne and that the Chief had not gone rogue. In addition, Locke did not do any hunting and the one fight he started with Chief, he actually lost.

The campaign was short despite there being more levels of which a few, as other people have pointed out, just involved walking and talking. But the gameplay was repetitive and predictable to the point the campaign just became boring. The only other time I've felt bored during a Halo game was during the H4 Spartan ops/War Games missions.
I don't hate 343i but this is the worst campaign of any Halo I played, keep in mind that I am a huge fan of Halo 4.

-Nothing that happens in halo 4 is pretty much relevant

-Campaign too short especially if you play Co-Op

-Prometheans still exist because ??????

-They kill Jul M'dama at the beginning of the game in a cutscene, so much for a character we invested in.

-Everything feels to scripted

-Characters don't shut up during gameplay at all

-Misleading Advertisement

I could say more but I am tired of repeating myself
Because it's the worst campaign so far. Chief wasn't in it hardly. The plot never developed the way they advertised in the hunt the truth. Cortana rogue, you've got to be kidding me. I'm the only one of my 80 friends who did play who still plays halo 5 because of it. 343 messed up!!!!!!!! People buy the game because of the campaign. I might not buy halo 6 now.
He's right. But dang it Warden was a joke compared to Didact. And Cortana on her quest...lame why not Spartans team up to defeat forrunners. Locke save blue team? Give me a break. Buck did much wrong
I liked it, but would have liked it more if Palmer would have died a painful death.
As my friend chose to put it, the story was like bad fan fiction.

The advertising for it was a complete lie. No one hunted the truth, Chief being a traitor was never a plot point, Locke only hunted him for a few missions then resolved everything in a pretty anti-climatic fight (also there was like no reason for them to even fight and why did everyone else just watch?). Oh boy, more focus on Cortana, and this time she's suddenly the leader of Skynet. There's a lot of really lazily dealt with loose ends. Halsey is somehow cool now, Jul is killed instantly, the Janus key is never mentioned, Blue team just out of complete nowhere unless you read the comics. Also, the two teams of Spartans were never developed to their full potential in the first place. Finally Chief gets all of three missions screen time.

Actually I gotta say the giant disconnect between advertising and what we received in reality leads me to believe the game had some major changes halfway through development.

Gameplay wise it's pretty decent, but there's better Campaigns. Many would argue the Warden fights were repetitive and imbalanced. Also a lack of weapon variety in most of the levels, combined with Prometheans still being pretty uninteresting enemies all around. I did like some of the setpieces such as the Guardian skiing sequence, and the Gungoose colony level was also pretty fun. Levels were somewhat non-linear but not really. Overall it's definitely passable but nothing spectacular.
The main gripe I had was that they said it would be unique and different from anything we'd know. It would have open areas for different play styles and side objectives. And what did we get? A couple missions where you start dialogue with NPC's confined to an area.
I didn't dislike it; I enjoyed the change of pace with new characters. Was it exactly what I was expecting? No, but did I enjoy the story for what it was? Yes
I would have liked to see/play more Chief missions, or have a potential extra Mission at the end after freeing the Chief. But, all in all, I think it played out well. It would have been nice to have an add-on like Spartan Ops; however, instead involve prequel missions of Fireteam Osiris and Blue Team, completing missions together prior to the beginning of the story in Halo 5...but that would have been much more work.

But just because I enjoyed it doesn't mean that someone else can't dislike the campaign, it just may have not been up to their standards requested. In the end, to each their own.
Basically, the story was terrible and misleading. It was hyped up to be Locke vs Chief and be almost a mystery game that continued the story from Halo 4.

Instead it was Humans vs Cortana and it totally ditched the Halo 4 story. I still am annoyed that they killed Jul that early on.
they ruined Cortana bro. CORTANA.
I liked that Halo has less chief but my reasons are.
  1. I'm tired of playing the legendary hero for 5 games.
  2. The he finally adds more character in Halo 4 finally as the rest acts likes a grunt by following orders.
I don't hate him, I'm just tired of him.
they ruined Cortana bro. CORTANA.
Well think about she told chief to not to trust her as she's splitting herself apart of her rampancy chief was being a little arrogant for Cortana is the same self.
I don't hate it. I was just disappointed. Severely disappointed.
I don't hate it...

In fact Battle of Sunaion is currently one of my favorite Halo missions of all time. Ignoring the story, the gameplay is honestly stronger in some ways than it is in Multiplayer, but the Warden spamming and promethean killboxes hurt it a lot.
I feel like they didnt give the marketing team enough info to fully flesh out a good ad campaign... The podcast was AWESOME.... And I personally think most complaints are aimed towards the story, i personally found it boring but the gameplay itself was absolutley phenomonal... Beautiful envirnoments and challenging encounters.... so much fun
I didn't hate it. I disliked the fact john and cortana may now have to be enemies. It was also a lot easier than previous legendary campaigns.

also, I don't see how any of the teasers applied to the campaign we got to play.
I actually really enjoyed it. I thought towards the end it got a bit dull, but people seem to just hate it because of the advertisements instead of the face value. Either way, I never once thought the advertisements were misleading, I honestly am left confused when people complain about that...almost like no one understands teasers or underlying messages. Not everything needs to be blunt and to the point, that would be boring and give too much away.

Also, Blue Team is possibly the best Halo mission ever made.
Opinions though.
to me the ending is what wrecked the campaigns story it seemed to sudden wasnt much to it
The campaign was too short. Most of the missions felt quick especially the first one, not to mention the walk around missions.

what it needed for me;

- more intro and character development. Apparently a lot the story was covered in lore sources outside the games which isn't the best way to engage the player. Some cut scenes felt like they were cut down as well, such as the argument with Roland after the mission Blue Team where it fades to black very quickly as if there was more but didn't see it.

- a plot that was consistent with the advertising. Having a boss battle of sorts with chief and you playing as Locke would have been a climatic event in the game. The cinematic fight was fine but needed more.

- I would have liked a bigger build up to the kraken. Can't pin point why but it just felt dull to me. A big fight scenario with scarabs would have added to the game as well.

- more chief missions. 3 wasn't enough in my opinion and I wanted to explore blue team a bit more. The fall of reach had some of that development I wanted but again that was outside the games.

- Also enjoyable moments could have been prolonged. Such as the banshee part of Blue Team. I played all the games before 5 came out and all of them had decent flight missions of sorts. Especially ODST and reach, 4 even had a pelican which I was hoping they could improve on in this game.

I can go on but there were a lot of big and small things missing or could have been improved. When you have previous campaigns and players are saying how much better previous ones were then there is a problem. Comparisons can't be escaped but there was a lot more for improvement.

Halo 5 got a lot right. Gameplay amazing, graphics awesome, sounds outstanding, but it was quickly overshadowed by other aspects. Stuff like splitscreen being cut dos not go down well either for long time fans. I'm one who does splitscreen as the first thing with a halo game.

anyway sorry for the essay!
I really enjoyed it. And whether you played Chief in every mission or not, he was still the main character and the focal point of the story, along with Cortana. I honestly think Halo 6 has the potential to be the best campaign as Chief will have to face down the only being he was ever truly close to, which I think will be his biggest challenge yet. I'm excited for what's to come. I'm still not wholly convinced Cortana isn't a shade of her old self, a broken fragment being manipulated by some old Forerunner tech, maybe Mendicant Bias... who knows.
I'm only half way through I like it but I prefer to play multiplayer arena/warzone.
The only time I play single player is first thing when I can't get a damn game!!!
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