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Will Halo come back?

OP Zancuran

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Esports. The rise of crowdfunding as a major revenue generator has empowered people everywhere from presidents to gamers. If Halo can stay a competitve game, and 343 maintain a active community, then crowdfunding could pay for almost anything. Taking competitive gaming out of the picture and your battling the decline of console gaming. You face crossplatform environments that would create more problems for Halo than solutions to low population. Fortunately Halo has one of the strongest fan bases out of any xbox title, and would be the last to transfer. Unfortunately Microsoft is looking forward to transfering most xbox titles to pc through their (UWA) Universal Windows Applications, which some say are lacking in comparison to their orignial games.
I don't get why everyone bashes 343 so much. They have done quite well with Halo and have made it more and more fun. Look how many free updates we get versus all the dlc you have to pay for. In my opinion, Halo 5 was a comeback vs Halo 4.
Why does everyone think it is a failure? Considering the install base of the Xbox One and vast amounts competition, I'd say Halo 5 is doing very well. Throw in the fact that H5 stole a lot of headlines with the HWC finals last Sunday ($2.5M pool for esports?) and, seemingly, hundreds of thousands of players continuing to get ranked in arena each season/month even 6 months after release***, I think retention and hype seems better than expected for an age when people seem to play a given game for about one month before moving on (example: I hear very little about Fallout anymore).

I am surprised people expect numbers to be the same as H3 when there wasn't much like it at the time (CoD was nowhere near as popular at the time, Destiny didn't exist, PC gaming/Steam were going through a slump, etc). I would guess 343 and Xbox didn't even expect to see player counts reaching H3 levels.

I guess all that matters is that I am really enjoying my time playing the game even if others are hating it.

*** Source for Ranking Numbers -
Voice of reason.
Agreed. This right here stinks of truth! I could smell the smarts from several threads away!
Why do you people keep making these threads?
To bring halo back you need AI in forge and Flood. Also bring back split screen and Elites. Maybe brutes. Also some other stuff
It will never go back to the way the game was
all is not well well
sorry to say but halo is gonna crash and burn soon..
I think it would be hard to keep the storyline going as well as keeping interest.
Hi everyone, i wanted to add my point of view about that serie......i personaly don't think the game is dead, i just think it could be great to inclued something diferent. I always liked halo history since the first one, the atmosfere and to my taste it had a good evolution. Halo reach was to me the best one, because we are not MC or Locke, we do not play the history of someone else if you se what i mean, we "make" a spartan and play like it was us, noble six was me and each one of you all who played at it. So what i'm trying to say is that i would like to join that big story with a caracter that i made ( like noble six) and do other things than just shooting things ( i know it's an fps i don't want that to change) but more stuf to do, maybe use the infinity as a base, talk to npcs, make friendship with others npc spartan on your team, craft armors, change weapon look, loot resources on enemies a little bit like mass effect.
I don't want to make it a mmo, but i would love do things and make decisions that could change the history, even a little. Maybe most of you will say that is idiot but it's what i feel, i had fun playing at all halo, (haven't played at the V) and i say had because i just sold my xbox with all my halo games and i regret it so my last point will be that i would love to see it on pc too, i would be so much hapy if i could instal halo reach on my pc....the future is not made.
l Jinxed I wrote:
Take away sprint, loadouts, and any other retarded COD-style additions they've made since Reach.

Halo 5 was the first Halo I didn't buy, and I've been playing since the CE days.
Loadouts are gone and sprint is balanced now. halo 5 is closer to halo 3 than halo 4 and reach.
That makes no sense. You can't say a game with sprint and other AA and ADS is closer to Halo 3 than Halo 4 or Reach.
I just did.

Everything is the same except movement options and ADS (which in reality, is just the old aiming with a different paint job). If you want that aiming, there's the Halo 2 BR, classic BRs, DMR, Sniper, Beam rifle, Binary Rifle, rocket launcher, and splaser.
I want spartan ops back , and firefight will hopefully help bring it back to the form of halo 4 the main problem i see is the lack of stock maps bu4 realise this game was built with forging in the forefront of the developers plans for the community
I think what people really want nowadays is the same game (the game they preferred whether that be H2, H3, Reach, or H4), with updated graphics and new maps. Forget progression, innovation, or advancement of gaming/e-sports.

It just becomes a jumbled mess of people randomly spouting their opinions of which game is best, with no real hard data or numbers to back it up. It just makes me think of Billy Madison when he's in the tub arguing with his hair card products...

"SHAMPOO is better, it goes on first, and cleans the hair!"
"CONDITIONER is better, it leaves the hair smooth and silky."

The video the OP posted regarding his friend's opinion on 343i and the direction that Halo is going was ridiculous. He pretty much talked in circles for 5 minutes and talked about how "this (Reach) is Halo", not what's going on now. But he didn't expound on his idea, he just left it at "Halo 5 is different and isn't Halo". He mentioned the aesthetic (armor being worn and torn) and a specific map layout. Other than that, he didn't explain his reasoning for why Reach was better in a fundamental or strategic manner. You can't expect to have an intelligent conversation without raising any valid points and simply saying, "This is better because I said so."
All these people that talk about sales, people buy the game hoping it's how Halo used to be. That's why people preorder. The game isn't as fun, I hate when people compare sales. Look at population, the original game held their population over time way better.
Zancuran wrote:
Mr Sir 81 wrote:
343 isn't going to go back to anything. They've created a pretty good game. Though a lot needs to be fixed/tweaked/added....
Then explain why it is the worst selling?
Because other games have bigger fan bases than Halo. After Bungie left, the fan base kept declining.
At this point, it's debatable at best.
I like halo 5 a lot but 343i needs some tips from the community. They need to make a great campaign, I was so hyped for this game but the story was a complete lie. They also need more fun maps and less sweaty multiplayer. Halo 3 has some of my favorite maps and they are actually unique.
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