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wooo sometimes this game is just.. unbearable

OP MassDriverz

Not sure why i tried so many games tonight, from game 1, where i was 1 shot melee killed from full by a generic trash elite, to the game I just finished after which i exited the game turned the xbox off and just walked away where i was tunneled, then spawn camped by a grunt mech. You know everyones fighting it, i appear it stops EVERYTHING and chases me untill i die, and then the moment i run out of the place i respawned in.. its right on me again, untill i die.

Sometimes this game generates a severe risk of controllers being thrown...
I totally know what youre talking about Ive been shot through the wall, sniped a second before I back smack a boss, spawned across the map from the boss with 20 seconds left, and like you said getting chosen by the AI to be chased.
I've literally been spawned right it front of bosses and instantly killed.
Wow that sounds brutal. I've never been in a situation where the boss would chase me all the way through the entire map, that's crazy. You know sometimes when it's not your day, it's not your day. Better to pack it up early to rest and reset. Live to play another day my fellow Spartan.
My favorite is when you use a legendary req on the last wave and immediately get spawned killed by the boss.