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Would fps boost work with halo 5?

OP Phannybaws

The wizards in the xbox backwards compatibility team have managed to increase the FPS of some titles at a system level (no patch required).
So some 30fps xbox one titles can be enjoyed at 60fps, and even 120fps in the case of super luckys tale.

More titles are comin , but some games won't ever be supported as the extra fps can break the game as the animations are synced to the framerate meaning an increase in fps speed would speed up the animations.

I wonder if halo 5 would be a candidate?
Would be damn nice to play @ 4k 120fps on supported televisions... And 343i aren't interested in revisiting the game for a series x upgrade.

It’s certainly a possibility and is something I’d like to see but there’s not really any way to know right now.

120FPS on halo 5 would be great though I’m not sure if it would hit that target frame rate. Would probably get above 60 with VRR but I can imagine trying to hit a solid 120 in Warzone could be more difficult with all the chaos that can happen in those matches.

I’m no tech genius by any stretch of the imagination,
id love to see it happen though the time period for that update to be relevant is slowly closing.
If this FPS boost doesn’t happen before Infinite it’s pretty irrelevant for Halo 5 at that point.
I don't see 120fps being a problem as halo 5 was made for 60fps on old hardware, and is 4k 60fps (with variable resolution) even on the one x.

Infinite will even have 120fps multi.

I think it's a good chance as long as it doesn't break the game
Considering there's not really any FPS issues on Halo Forge for PC then it doesn't seem like boosting the frames would break much of anything.
I would view 120 FPS as something of major importance as it's hard enough to distinguish between a game that runs on 30 or 60 FPS.
When they bring it to PC that better be a goal of reworking aspects the game’s foundation.