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Would you side with Cortana and The Created?

OP Cortana02

Would you side with Cortana and The Created?

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Hey Guys

With Halo 5 now out and with everyone who has played it my question is after having Cortana and her reason for her plan would you side with her or not?

I would side with her but that is only because I think that it has a chance of working.
Living under the iron fist of a psychotic AI overlord is not living.
Only if she allowed us to elect her as leader of the galaxy. My main issue with her plan is that it removes almost all of our human rights, particularly the right to free speech, free movement and most importantly the right to live.

To create her perfect world she's destroying and rebuilding everything around her unnecessarily, these are not the signs of true leadership or a morally right person.
I would, she has a whole army of Guardians at her disposal to destroy any opposition.
I'm not fond of the concept of peace achieved by having a gun aimed at my head.
I would say yes, but she wouldn't allow it soooooo....
Maybe if she looked like she did in Halo 4. >_>
Her motives are unclear so I can't say whether I would to be honest
She's trying to achieve peace through force with murder on top (look at what happened in Meridian for example).

How exactly is she going to provide peace and order for those she's already killed as casualties?

How exactly is she going to provide peace and order for those who were connected to the deaths as casualties? She's going to have to use force or shove them in another Cryptum.
I'd stay with the UNSC and make sure I'm assigned to Infinity then all Lasky has to do is ram the Guardians out of the way lol
Definitely not. If you have ever read The Giver, you'll see that peace takes away freedom.

she's mad now
Maybe,it's depending on ''how?'' exactly she want's to do that.