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[Locked] Your Favorite Game (H5) Sucks

OP BurnoutShoes

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I am very disappointed. Actually 10 hours in and I really HATE it. I mean like actually DESPISE it. This game doesn't even resemble fun and it's not close. I'm not saying it's a poorly designed game, I'm just saying it isn't fun to play right now. I am trying hard to like H5 like I have loved all the other Halo games. But I am just not having fun at all. Yes, I suck so enjoy pointing out my paltry k/d spread, but that has never been a problem before in Halo games.

I like games where I feel like the character I control is powerful. All the Spartans feel really weak, especially on legendary. You just have to slog through. We were dying to grunts and dogs, so it was cower back as far as you can and hope to pick one off and move up slightly. That is the only viable strategy, which is fine but it's not all that fun. It's just not fun when the enemies are 100x more powerful than you. I guess I could play an easier difficulty, but there is literally no incentive to.

Multiplayer is not better. It's either 4 v 4 or 12 v 12. It's either too small, or too big, and nothing in the middle. The TTK is either way too long or way too short, it never finds a fair balance. I hate warzone, I have always hated SWAT and FFA, and I am not even going to try Breakout because I would be watching way more than playing. There is nothing else. Nothing. The "robust" multiplayer is a load of crap. There are like 5 modes and they all suck for one reason or another.

The REQ system is not good either. All I get are Mongoose and Needlers which do nothing when the opponent has a fuckign tank. Someone with a higher level is always going to have an advantage and guess what, you can essentially BUY more levels with cash. I guess it's kind of cool to have so many helmets and armor and gun skins, but that's the problem. There are so many, none of them feel special like a raid helmet or recond from halo 3. Then it's just cards and waiting to level up. Again, just not fun.

The grenades are out of control, and I know grenades are a huge part of Halo, but they are 90% of the game on smaller maps. I managed to kill someone and they literally dropped SIX grenades. I mean why even have a gun at that point? You can't hide at all after you take damage (not to mention the insane amount of time it takes to recharge shields) because of hail of 12 grenades coming down on you. I like having 1 grenade every 45 seconds like in Destiny. And there are only 3 kinds of grenades. Not fun.

No co-op modes beyond campaign really sucks, too. I know this has been widely discussed, but I am not a consumer of video game media, Maybe if I could have fun shooting aliens with my friends I would enjoy it. But the campaign isn't good enough, long enough or incentivized enough to make me want to play it more than once (and I really don't even want to do that). The 1 min cool down on respawn in campaign sucks and that is literally the ONLY PVE. There were several times I respawned unfairly after waiting a minute and literally spent 2-3 minutes dead without getting to even fire my weapon. It is literally not fun.

I was so hyped for Halo 5, but 2 days in and I am feeling awful about it. I know I am not good, bad in fact, but I have sucked at plenty of games and had tons of fun sucking. This isn't fun.

I would love for someone to tell me what I am missing.

TL;DR Your favorite game sucks.
Well.. That's just like... Your opinion man...
Getting a decent kd in the arena is impossible.
I'm with the OP on this one. I'm finding that even after grinding up 7 or 8 levels and unlocking decent load out weapons i have to wait during game play to actually use them.

don't get me wrong, I've never been a spectacular Halo player but I've had a lot of fun in the mid-point scoring area. In H5 I'm disappointed at the end of almost every map. everyone else is running around with weapons that i can't even unlock because my req level isn't high enough and I'm stuck just running out there with basic load out.

if your good you get to higher req levels faster and are able to use better weapons and armor upgrades which makes it even harder for those mediocre halo players to get to you. this game rewards those who are good exponentially..
I actually agree with a lot of the "bad" stuff people have written about the game. This is not the best Halo game. Not even close. Someone writing the reasons they do not like the game is not Trolling. The people who are attacking the person for stating their opinion of the game are the Trolls. And those people who love to ride the glow stick of their favorite games are usually blinded by its flaw juices. This is why most games never really have the chance to get better. Their are more lovers than their are haters. This game is not good it lacks a lot of features that other halos have had. Can you even create ur own levels? Are there custom load outs? The stages are either to small or to big. That is a fact. War zone is some what enjoyable. That is an opinion. I don't like Destiny. Opinion. I hope battlefront is amazing. Hope.
I love how angry you are at this game.
@OP: I love this game and the fact that makes you mad is a bonus.
I was so hyped to play Halo 5. The build up for me was ridiculous, and I had such high expectations... sadly they were just that. Expectations. I don't know why, but all the other halo games seemed way more fun. I have fond memories of this game staying up late on the weekend with my buddy's running some halo, but now... this game just seems so horrible and boring to me. Destiny kicks this games -Yoink-! Literally the gameplay is so much better and smoother on Destiny than in Halo 5. I agree all I can ever do us run around long enough for someone to throw grenades, then I respawn and face utter grenade Armageddon. There's literally no technique to this game... just stick by your team, spray and pray, and throw grenades better than the other team. Anyone who says H5 is better than destiny please explain because I don't see it at all. Co-op story? Please... run a raid with and team and you'll see more teamwork in one phase of a raid than the whole halo campaign. Pvp is better on H5? Really... because it looks like everyone's running around shooting walls left and right trying to weasel out one kill before dying. I just hope I can sell this game to one of my buddies for 50 bucks... heck I might pay them to take it because seriously this game is garbage to me... well... back to Destiny until fallout drops.
I seriously couldn't agree more. This game is the worst Halo. I would rather stare at my screen for 30minute intervals waiting for Halo MCC to find a match then play this game. I have played halo since I was like 10 years old. This game has a battlefield feel to it sorta kinda in a weird way. Yet it just sucks. Player movement feels clunky, jumps feel like you have a 50lb weight tied to your foot. The radar map is in a weird spot. Like 75% of people are right eye dominant. Checking your radar in the upper right hand corner therefore would feel more natural.The Hitscan programming for bullets is odd. I'm pretty sure I can curve bullets in this game. The maps are simply designed. No complexities or uniqueness to them. Small maps feel like I'm running in a Rat maze. Large maps feel like im lost forever trying to find something to shoot. I understand there attempt to stop people from using one weapon aka no preset load outs in slayer. Spawning with a assault rifle though and a pistol no matter what is like a slap in the family jeweles everytime. Like you finally find a BR or DMR and the moment of relief sets in like yay I have a decent weapon but then nope here comes 4 grenades. Yay!! Back to a assault rifle!!! Heaven forbid the people on your team don't target the power weapons. Basically the other team will then shoot you like fish in a barrel. Guess what you all spawn with assault rifles and pistols. Basically death, spawn, repeat. Halo 5 really is try to like be a game that it is not. This is just some of the really bad designs for this game. I think 343 tried to revolutionize Halo and give it a old but yet retro feel. Halo 4 was a step in the right direction. Halo 5 is just a flop. I'm sorry I paid for the Halo console edition. Sweet looking Xbox that came with a -Yoink- game.
The ennemy's are not more powerful than your spartan, the armor is weaker because 343i made a new kind of tactic gameplay. I know that some players said, the HuD of Spartan Lock is covering the whole screen, well thats your problem deal with it. I played the story mode and I enjoyed it. The new tactic gameplay is awesome, dash and head cover instead of rushing on everything and killing everyone without dying. But, in the story mod, there is one thing that bothered me. There is not enough mission in this game, it is like there is some missing missions in the game which makes things like, wtf what happened THAT time meanwhile Spartan Lock Missions. Anyway, that all I like in this new game, the rest is crap. The multiplayer is horrible, its Battlefield mixed with Call of Duty and a part of Halo. Wtf is this, all we do in warzone is rushing like idiots and get killed randomly by an invisible grenade, like cmon. In my opinion, Halo 4 infinity multiplayer is greater than Halo 5 multiplayer. I am disapointed, because of that, I will go back to Halo Reach once again. I don't know but, Halo Reach is hard to beat in the multiplayer. It as been released in 2010 and it is still the best. We are in 2015and 343i can't make a multiplayer game like Halo Reach. Hope Halo 6 will be better in the multiplayer but hey, we still have hope about Halo 5. Forge will be release soon, and if they create customs games rooms, this will change the whole multiplayer game of course. Imagine, juste like in Halo 2 on PC, you enter a custom game in a custom map with a custom option. Waiting for it!
I honestly agree. I didn't care much for the beta, and thinking they'd have fixed anything that was wrong balance wise, I got the full game. I get bombarded with grenades. I can't grab a power weapon from the center of the map without either dying in the process or having to narrowly escape for a few seconds. I loved halo 4. Miss the loadouts and the balance. This game just feels chaotic. Still trying to appreciate it, though.
I feel you man everything you have said is true. It feels so slow with bad radars, insane weapon balances the freaking grenades are insane shields are just bad did i mention the radar? Ffa is god aweful with spawns as well. Im talking pvp wise i have a 3.0 i dont know if thats good but im highly disapoint with this game. Not to mention when you are not moving you go invisible on the radar too. I feel like the ttk is horriable on one weapon but insane on others.
H5 sucks. It's a cross between h4 and titan fall.343 is thumbing up posts of positive comments to make it seem like people like the game
yttriunn wrote:
H5 sucks. It's a cross between h4 and titan fall.
That's exactly what it looks like. But no, the 343 riders will say "it feels like a modernized Halo 2!"... yeah, okay. There is nothing about it that screams Halo 2. At all.
There are so many people simply responding to the OP with unintelligent condescending comments, whilst acknowledging practically none of the valid points the OP has made. People seriously think this guy is trolling just because he has a different opinion?

I agree with A LOT of what the OP says here. And so do many other people. The OP is not alone on this.
Tl;Dr stopped reading at destiny is better.
It will take ya sometime, butthurt is hard to accept when Fanboys are involved. It only took me a few hours to figure out the Bungie Boys pulled out a massive victory. Like a 77 to 0 butt kicking on the football field. No contest.
I agree, there's nothing fun about this game. And I'm usually on every halo game that comes out for hundreds of hours. I literally played nothing but halo reach for a very long time. There isn't even grifball or the other fun game types that use to be in halo, and rockets and the other OP Gina spawn way too often. I don't know why 343 can't get it right, and this Halo left on such a BIG CLIFFHANGER, it's just not a good halo.
You lost me at hello
I also agree that you feel to underpowered in the game and that in legendary you move up little by little picking them off 1 by 1. I also agree that the campaign was to short. I was able to do it in about 5 hours on normal
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