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Your goals for Halo 5 before H6 arrives?

OP Sylxeria

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getting to SR 152 or at least SR 130
SR 152 and have Win Ratio in warzone of 98.9
As a solo queue player? How is that possible? Don't they match you with all n00bs on your team? You carry them all?
i have carry evey now and again depending on a day
1- Attain Max Rank
2- Get Achilles helmet (we got the armor today)
3- Max all the Commendations
4- 100% Achievements
Get all them achievements man Haha.
I only need a few more commendations, but one of them is unstoppable or whatever it's called in breakout... I can't even find a match, and then not dying for the round is near impossible.

I'm aiming to hit 152 before September next year, I have weekly targets set... Half was through 150 ATM, still over 20million.
152 is crazy!
Reach 152 and finish up with Achilles
Max rank (148 atm so unlikely)
Achilles (close)
All accommodation (breakout immortal is too hard to do
All achievements
I'm 147, and I'm getting it. 100,000xp per day will get me to 152 on 8/1/20. I plan on shortening that stretch.
I'm 147, and I'm getting it. 100,000xp per day will get me to 152 on 8/1/20. I plan on shortening that stretch.
I hope you do it mate, 100k in a day isn't too bad but every day for over a year is going to be tough.
Like you I'm trying to get ahead a bit now so the grind will be easier later when I'm feeling burnt out.
For Halo 5 to be announced for PC. OmegaLUL
1. Improve my aim, experience and skill with weapons - i rely on vehicles waaay too much.
2. Find at least one regular Halo buddy
3. Grind 152
4. Achilles, though this is probably helped by the other aims.
5. Broaden map/game type knowledge, though this should probably be higher priority as it's pathetic at the moment
6. Do co-op
Get better skill wise. I’m super casual. Usually lone wolf it. Halo 5 is the first I’ve actually played consistently online with my own tag. Just got my first platinum ranking last night so I’m pretty content now.
1. Get all commendations
2. Get 152 (not sure how THAT will fare)
3. Stop playing (might be sad but it's truly what I want to do after I've done everything I've needed)
Looking back at my post from earlier in this thread, I can safely say that I’ve met all my goals. Time to move on to MCC when Reach gets added :)
I've said for a long time that I don't expect to hit 152 just because it's sooo many hours but I'm currently 2.7M away from 150. Not burning out is going to be tough.

I am almost done with commendations. The only one I have left is Grunt Mech Slayer and I only need two more kills to close it out. I recently closed Wasp Destroyer which took FOREVER via Warzone and Big Team Fiesta.

Achilles. I wish I would've joined a Spartan Company years ago when invited but I didn't really understand what the purpose was. So, I recently joined a Spartan Company that is close to getting the armor. We only need marine kills, assassinations, shoulder charges, and ground vehicle kills. If anyone else is looking to gain the armor feel free to send me a message and we'll get you in the group!
really wanna get that max rank, just gone up to 147 now, im also trying to complete all of my commendations too
I'm of fairly low skill level and I'm never in a million years gonna hit 152 because I just don't play nearly enough. So I have fairly humble goals.

  • Would be nice to make it to at least 140, maybe 150.
  • I started the campaign on Legendary a loooong time ago and only got about 1/3 of the way thru, should finish that.
  • My K/D and W/L ratios are both below 1, partly because I suck but also partly from playing lots of objectives and FFA/Infection games. Would be nice to get those both up to at least 1.
That's about it for me. :)
Vaudeur wrote:
152, that's about it.
Yes same, realy the only thing i still want
Rock the HelioSkrill armor in firefight while my spartan trains for Infinite.
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