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[Locked] Your Top Five Weapon Skins

OP ObiWanMaHomie

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Let's face it there are plenty of skins to adorn your weapons with in HALO 5, It'd be interesting to know what are your favourite five? It doesn't matter if it's an original, DLC or an exclusive skin, what ones do you love the most and for what guns?

These are mine in order;

Assault Rile - Ehh, Arr
Magnum - Locke and Loaded
Battle Rifle - HCS Contender (white)
DMR - Clash
SMG - Gold Standard
  • AR: Probably that 343 Fire skin, looks godly
  • BR: Gold Standard, enough said
  • Magnum: Probably Shark tooth Grin or Optic Gaming
  • SMG: Monstrous
  • DMR: Clash
Gold standard for the DMR, I settle for less on everything else.
Good ol default.
Assault Rile - HCS White
Magnum - HCS White
Battle Rifle - HCS White
DMR - Gold Standard
SMG - Gold Standard
343 AR skin.
Blue steel I think is the best over all of them.

I like Osiris cause it looks like it's a designer brand with repeating hexagon. I like the full moon skin to go along with it.

I also like the noble skins.

Ideally if we could equip skins based on our team colour I would go with different skins.
Assault Rile - 343 v1, HCS Contender (white), Blue Team
Magnum - 343 v1, Noble, Blue Team
Battle Rifle - HCS Contender (white), Gold Standard
DMR - Master control, Gold Standard
SMG - Gold Standard, dpitsl
Landgrave for everything. Gotta love your golden guns!
AR:Standard,keep things simple
BR:Octopuss(Monster),Cpt Sparrow aproves
SMG Snake(Monster)Monster murderus machine
DMR:Spirals,in my head and they wont go.
Pizza x5
I wish there were more options for theme skins (skin for each weapon of a type, ei gold standard).

I like matching my armor and helm colors with my weapon theme, but the options are limited.

Mastercontrol, landgrave, ruptive, and gold standard are generally my picks.
HCS White
Landgrave! 😁
Pistol: Landgrave
All others: Gold Standard
Pistol: BOOMCO because it's beautiful.
Assault Rifle: Steel
Battle Rifle: Blood Thirst
SMG: Skulls and Roses, OR Blue Steel
DMR: Bracer

And if this was a Assault Rifle Skin, I would totally rock it.
I use Master Control on all of mine.
Assault Rile - Old Abe (Cause AMMMMERICA....-yoink- YEAAAHHH!!!)
Magnum - Noble Team
Battle Rifle - Bloodthirst
DMR - Landgrave
SMG - Potence
These are the skins I use:

Assault Rifle - Fireteam Osiris
Magnum - Fireteam Osiris
Battle Rifle - Bloodthirst / Skulls and Roses
DMR - Clash / Skulls and Roses
SMG - Potence / Skulls and Roses
I used the Gold Standard for all weapons, but probably ought to change it up. I'm a fan of full weapon sets of the same skin. If I were to use others, mixing it up for each one, I'd probably do one of each of the following...

... Green Machine, Blue Steel, Last Dawn, Master Control...

... actually, I don't know! There's way too many I like haha... good job 343, and the OP... I'm stumped!
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