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[Locked] Your Top Five Weapon Skins

OP ObiWanMaHomie

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rifle de batalla - HCS Contender
Asalto RILE - Ehh, Arr
SMG - Gold Standard
Magnum - Locke y Loaded
DMR - Clash
Pizza, because it is so stupid.
My top picks!
AR - blue team
Magnum - blue team & EG
BR - gold
DMR - master control
SMG - monstrous

PS in all honestly i would rock the Blue Team skin for my weapons if they had it.
I think thats my main problem with the weapon skins they made for H5. If you count the skins the AR and magnum have the most skins of all. I dont understand why they wouldnt make a full set of skins for all weapons. The AR and magnum have around 38 - 42 skins while the BR, DMR and SMG only get 16 - 21 skins, doesnt make sense. I mean we only get blue team, odst, full moon, noble, just to name a few, for the AR and magnum only. I dont know about you guys but i wouldve loved to see a matching set for all skins for all weapons. I wouldve loved to rock a Blue Team BR all day. Also, they shouldve made some sweet skins for the H2 BR.
UNSC, Helljumper and Landgrave.
Magnum: EG
BR: Last Dawn (Until I get the blue HCS skin)
DMR: Blue Steel
SMG: Default

In my opinion the SMG's weapon skins don't match its design.
If any body knows who Ready Up Live is, for a while they used the OG and EG skins.
AR: Blue Team
BR: Bracer
Magnum: HCS Contender white
SMG: Gold Standard
DMR: Clash
Krunei wrote:
Landgrave for everything. Gotta love your golden guns!
Yep, all Landgrave all day. That -Yoink- is the sex.

Soft spot for Sharktooth Grin on the pistol too.
They should make a pack that is really limited only on a weekends but they let us know in advance, that lers you get some 343 skins but its really high price and its random you will only get three
Gold standard and I like the full moon pistol.
Assault Rifle: The Last Slice
Magnum: Lord of the Fries
Battle Riffle: Master Control
SMG: Master Control
DMR: Master Control

I might change my opinion seeing as there are SO MANY skins. I really like the BoomCo skins for the AR and Magnum though.
Assault Rifle: ALG or CLG

BR: HCS Contender White

DMR: Gold Standard

SMG: Landgrave

Magnum: 343 Industries
pizza and fries skin for AR and magnum but gold standard for the rest.
Golden Star for halo 2 battle rifle
  1. Sniper
  2. BR
  3. Pistol(CE and Halo 5)
  4. DMR
  5. SPNKR Rocket
AR : Default
BR : Default
DMR : Default
SMG : Default
Magnum : Default

I'm a man of simple taste.
gold standard for everything, but my magnum, lone wolf for that. but some of the skins do look really cool
Assault Rile - Noble Team
Magnum - Blue Team
Battle Rifle - Master Control
DMR - Aurum
SMG - Master Control
Landgrave - All
Blue Team skins are nice
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