Hai, Halo community! Tali here! i know thats a Mass Effect name, but shhhhh! ;) I started in Halo 2 to simply "Kill some aliens" with my dad, years later im now devoted to the community and lore, just not the Flood, i hate them. They gave me sleepless nights as a child :( I am still a regular Reach player #SWATQUEEN and dont forget it! <3 Anyway. Its lovely to meet you all, i hope to see you all on the battlefield! And remember! Tali Time never stops! <3
Haha! I know we all started from "duh lets kill some aliens", right now when i remember these old days i laugh at myself! Welcome to the community!
Welcome to the community Spartan. Reach was a fantastic game. Glad to have another long time fan here. Enjoy your stay!
Love some swat! What's your favorite movie?
Welcome to Waypoint, Tali. Great to have you here in the halo community.
welcome to waypoint spartan
Welcome to the Waypoint! I've spent so much time on Reach, it's insane. hahaha
Love some swat! What's your favorite movie?
Thats an easy question! Resident Evil, All the Resident Evil movies! :D
I spent a ton of time on reach as well. Welcome to Waypoint!
Welcome TailZorah420
Great story, welcome :)
Welcome to Waypoint, SwatQueen! Thrilled to have you here. I'm sorry you didn't like the flood, I eagerly long for their return personally.

hello spartan welcome to waypoint
Hey Spartan if you want to play coop campaign let me know
Swat queen huh? I’m sure you’ll enjoy the swat in H6
I enjoy playing swat
Welcome to the community spartan!
Reach was, is, and always will be Halo's greatest triumph. Mass Effect is also awesome, which makes you doubly so.