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Hi! I'm Rachael C:

OP DBZfan077

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About Me!
Gamertag: DBZfan077
Origin of gamertag: uhhh... I used to use it on something called Runescape awhile back, when I was a teenager or so. And, plus, DBZ (Dragon Ball Z) is my top favorite anime of all time, so.... I figured to revive this old nickname.
Previous or current clan/community: None as of yet, but I hope to get more involved in the Halo community.

About Halo!
Halo game(s) you are currently playing: Halo 5 multiplayer
Favorite map, game type and playlist: Breakout, Super Fiesta, Action Sack. Recently, 'Weapon Tuning Test', when it wants to work. No particular game type, tho I did like race alot back in older games. Battle Creek's one of my favorite.
Least favorite map, game type and playlist: Perhaps HCS 2017, because it seems intimidating in a sense, other than that, nothin. Oh, Big Team Battle, since it relies a lot more on vehicles. N/A for maps.
Preferred control scheme:Halo playing style (offense, defense, sniper, driver, etc.): Offensive, but I am trying to be more defensive in my style. Wanting to learn the BR, so those associated offensive and defensive techniques that can go with it.
Favorite Halo character: Hmm.. Thel Vadam, Johnson, Chief, idk.. so no real specific one.
Favorite Halo book: N/A ; tho I think Code: Harvest has a particular spot in my heart, since that's the one I tore into almost immediately, back in school, after my teacher found in a pile of thrown out school supplies at end of a year.
Favorite Halo quote: ''I'm finishing this fight.'' Always gives me goosebumps, excitement. Not to mention, absolutely classic.
Halo creations: Uhh, I've done my spins on original and canon characters through roleplay on tumblr. That's about it. Thinking of getting into forge, but am unsure of where to start with it. (What should I make?)

Other stuff!
Other game(s) you are currently playing: Enjoyed some Red Faction: Armageddon the other day
Favorite music: Marilyn Manson, easily.
Favorite movie: uhhh... prolly the Re-Animator trilogy, lying in a special place in my heart. Chemical Wedding? Little Nicky?
Favorite TV show: The X-Files
Favorite quote: N/A, can't think of anything atm.
Anything else we should know? Uhmm.... not that I can think of at the given moment! c:
Welcome to Waypoint, Spartan Rachael. Great to have you here in the Halo community. Enjoy your time with all things Halo.
Welcome to the community Spartan. Great to have you aboard!
Red Faction Armageddon, X-Files, and Little Nicky?

I like you already. Welcome to Waypoint, I hope you stick around and enjoy your time here :D

Happy Haloing!
Welcome to the community! Glad to have ya!
Thank you, you guys <3 :D

And lmao, that GIF XD
Welcome DBZFan077
Welcome to Waypoint!
Welcome to the community Spartan Rachael! You can find a forum for almost anything Halo related here. I hope you enjoy your stay! : )
Hi Rachael, welcome!
Since you like X-files, you have got good taste. Krillin is my fav DBZ character, he never seems to stay dead. lol I have also put in a request to have a Captain Ginyu stance but I haven't heard back.
Thanks all of you <3

Be free to add me if you'd like. :D

Vegeta is the one that's the best to meh. :3
Welcome DBZFan! What's your favorite Manson album?
nice to meet ya Rachael. welcome to waypoint
Welcome to waypoint.
Bumping to top of the page to get more active topics up there. Please ignore this post and carry on, thanks!
Welcome to waypoint!!!
welcome to waypoint
Hey Spartan, feel free to add me. I normally only play Sat and Sun mainly because I have a full time job and I am also in college. I play with my cousin and a few others we both recently met on the fourms. If your interested in playing custom games, action sack or swat add me.
hope to see a friend request :)
Please ignore this accidentally posted it twice by mistake
Welcome to the forums!
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