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I'm leader o' ODAS

OP aRandomSqueaker

hello spartan
So what brought you to halo/ the forums? What was the first halo game you played? Finally, favorite movie?
Welcome to the Waypoint community!
Welcome to the community Spartan. Tell us a little about yourself.
Thanks for the welcoming and first halo i played is Halo 3 but i have played all but Assault and strike,and I've had this gamer tag sense i was six and I'm about 27 days away from my birthday including today, but right now 13.
i like some hip hop,some rock,a couple songs that could be called country but i don't really like country its crap
Hello, Spartan Squeaker. Welcome to Waypoint ^
Welcome to Waypoint, Spartan. If you need help editing your Original Post with the information you gave in your second post, feel free to private message me.

Happy Haloing!
Welcome aRandomSqueaker
i don't really like country its crap
exCUSE me? Jk it's all good!
hello spartan
Hello all
Welcome to the community Spartan if you're looking for someone to play the campaign coop with let me know
Hey RandomSqueaker, welcome to Waypoint! Glad to have you here. Did you ever play H1/H2?
I've played all of the Halos but for strike and assault and i only played bite of halo wars 2
Welcome to waypoint squeaker. Are you still currently a squeaker?