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OP aRandomSqueaker

I'm not known well, I have a friend that when to HCS and she hasn't been back for about 2 weeks,I've played all of the halos but Assault and favorite halo is probably reach and 5 but i don't own reach my older brother dose and he is in the marines last time i saw him was when he came to get his stuff,Halo 5 is the main game I play,i've had this aRandomeSqueaker as long as I've had xbox about 8 years,I'm a Red not a Blue,Blues are Reds enemies from birth,lol,My dream is to defeat The Master Chief,Yes my gamertag on Xbox is aRandomSqueaker,I raid a once and a while,My favorite Helm is the EOD witch i had in reach and i don't have in 5 YET and the pack is gone so now i have to work hard again until it comes out again so i can get the EOD helm,I forgot my new my new set of armor and helm is,but like is my visor is King,my fave color is Red,Orange,yellow,and magenta,My favorite game is the Halo series,I'm not a squeaker lol,I just got two new recruits today but most of my Clan/company don't have halo waypoint,I hate school. It is VERY VERY hard to make me mad,My friends say I'm to nice to lead but a nice leader gets you nice friends/troops,but people get away with a lot of things so I've made my clan/company a lot and i mean a lot more strict,My favorite movie is the Star wars series,They need to add normal Fire-Fight from Halo 3 ODST/Reach to halo 5,war zone Fire-Fight isn't as good as Halo 3 ODST/Reach Fire-Fight,And my friend that whent to the HCS gamertag is MnTMSU plzzz tell me if u know if she is still in the HCS because I'm confused about whats going on about the HCS and I'm very worried about her,thats about it and my B-Day is the 27th of Oct and I can't wait because i was going to get escapist 2 for MnM thats what my friends and I call her (MnTMSU) well thats it and every one good night.
You get 1 roll call thread :) you can edit this info into your first one if you'd like! Try the edit button on the original post and paste your post into there so it says more than "hi"