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New High Altitude Low Oxygen Recruit.

OP LightTag2374289

About Me!
Gamertag: IAmDraggon
Origin of gamertag: For years I've been a member of the Vannoss crew. One of the youtuber he plays with has the gamertag iamwildcat, and I love his style of humor. I wanted something like his when I started GTA5 on my PS3 so I figured, I like dragons so why not IAmDragon? It stuck. But when I tried using that on Xbox I found it has already been taken. So I just added another g.
Previous or current clan/community:this is the first game I've ever played that has a community like this.
About Halo!
Halo game(s) you are currently playing:Halo 5 is the first game I've ever played. Sad I know😣😣
Favorite map, game type and playlist:I love raid maps!! There so creative and cool - when they deside to work that is.
Least favorite map, game type and playlist: don't have one yet
Preferred control scheme: Raid
Halo playing style (offense, defense, sniper, driver, etc.):multiple. It depends on the situation. I'm a damn good pilot, driver, sniper, demolition expert, and all- around- if- it'll- kill kind of guy
Favorite Halo character: I have to say Cortana
Favorite Halo book:haven't read any
Favorite Halo quote:"I thought you'd be taller"
Halo creations: none
Other stuff!
Other game(s) you are currently playing: Rainbow six siege
Favorite music: metal
Favorite movie:OMG not enough time to type that one out
Favorite TV show:same as above
Favorite quote:"I thought that being alone was the worst thing in life. But I was wrong. The worst thing in life is being with people who make you feel alone" - Robin Williams

Hey, if anyone wants to help me learn my Halo -Yoink-, message me on Xbox!
Welcome to Waypoint, Spartan LightTag! Great to have you here in the Halo community. Nothing wrong with Halo 5 being your first Halo game. I hope you enjoy Halo for many years to come.
Welcome to the community Spartan. I love your enthusiasm. I would suggest getting the Master Chief Collection, and play throw all the games. It was a blast for me , and I'm sure many others. Glad to have you aboard.
Welcome to the community man! Glad to have ya!
Welcome to the community Spartan. If your looking to do the campaign coop let me know
Welcome lightTag2374289
welcome to waypoint
Hey LightTag, welcome to Waypoint! As others have suggested, I would go through the Master Chief Collection to get caught up.
Glad to have you! So where did the LightTag23... come from?
Welcome to waypoint LightTag! No worries about Halo 5 being your first Halo, but I do suggest playing through the old games they're great!
Welcome to waypoint Spartan