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Recently became active

OP Airamore

I recently have became active in the community and hope to make some kind of impact as time goes by :)
Welcome to the community Spartan. What Halo game got you into the franchise?
Halo 2 sparked my interest when I was very young. Getting the new Xbox for Halo 3 was when It became a major part of my life.
The good old days! Combat Evolved sucked me in, and I have been hooked ever since!
Cool man, welcome to waypoint!
Welcome Airamore
Welcome to Waypoint, Airamore. I hope you enjoy your time here. The Halo community is great.
welcome to the community spartan
Thanks for the warm welcome :)
Thats a cool gamertag you got there! Welcome to the forum.
I have recently became active. If you've noticed your deaths have increased thatd be why.
Hey man welcome to the forums hope you have fun here
Hey Airamore, welcome to Waypoint! I hope you enjoy the numerous discussions and have fun.
Welcome to waypoint m8