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This section is designed to get you acquainted with the forum environment, as well as the community that inhabits it. While you’re here, be sure to make an introduction and tell us a little about yourself, your likes and dislikes, as well as your experiences with all things Halo. Feel free to drop in to other threads you see and welcome other members to our family.

Use this basic outline to get started on making your profile thread. Feel free to add to it as needed!

About Me!


Origin of gamertag:

Previous or current clan/community:

About Halo!

Halo game(s) you are currently playing:

Favorite map, game type and playlist:

Least favorite map, game type and playlist:

Preferred control scheme:

Halo playing style (offense, defense, sniper, driver, etc.):

Favorite Halo character:

Favorite Halo book:

Favorite Halo quote:

Halo creations:

Other stuff!

Other game(s) you are currently playing:

Favorite music:

Favorite movie:

Favorite TV show:

Favorite quote:

Anything else we should know?

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