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For those of you asking about the Armour

OP mastergamer015

Halo Nightfall was released on March 17th 2014. It was then later included as additional content with the Master Chief Collection on November 11th 2014. So either you have the physical copy of the blu ray or a digital copy through a download code.

Originally in order to get the armour set, you were supposed to watch the whole movie from start to finish. Then after finishing it the armour would appear first in the Halo 5 beta alongside other armour sets if you had completed other challenges.

Between the launch of mcc and Halo 5, the Nightfall set was still obtainable. Sometime after the launch of Halo 5, the armours obtained through the mcc were placed into the req pool.

So bear in mind to all you players who aren't having success in unlocking the armour through watching the movie - the armour is in the req pool. Now you could try and unlock the armour without req points, by rewatching the movie, and praying to the Gods that it will unlock, but my advice to someone who still hasn't got it after 4 weeks would be to just play Halo 5. It seems that unlocking req packs would be a much more viable option. Anyway you can have fun during Halo 5, and if your goal is to collect all the reqs anyway this won't be that much of a task.

Sorry to all those who are having trouble getting the armour to unlock. You can continue in your attempt to get it by watching the movie, or just get it through req packs.
This is just... too bad and wrong.
I still want that helmet and it's been almost two years since the game came out.