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Halo: Spartan Strike Keeps Crashing to Desktop

OP Lilium22


I want to know if Halo:Spartan Strike is going to be fixed so that it doesn't crash to desktop all the time? My husband has it now, and he's playing it, and it only happened a couple times prior; but now it seems to happen at the end of every mission. With the crash comes lost progress and it's really infuriating. The missions don't count despite being completed and you have to do them again and hope that it doesn't crash again. I'm just curious if there is a way to fix this, as we have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, the game, and everything in between. We have read that people are going so far as to reset their computers and wiping them clean in order to get the game to run. In all honesty that seems a little extreme. He has it on a windows 10 computer if that makes any difference, I thought I would come here to ask, as we have both scoured the internet trying to find another solution outside of the ones we tried and the one for the entire computer reset.

Thank you all in advanced for the help, any and all of it is greatly appreciated! ^_^
I haven't experienced this crash on my win 10 Laptop at all.
Have you checked to make sure your system meets the requirements? Better yet, if it exceeds them by a lot?

It could be that with insufficient resources, it's crashing.